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Thatís interesting BW, were you able to attend?
Do you know if the scrimmage was first team vs first team?
70 plays is a gameís worth of plays.

Good point on credit to the staff for scheduling- actually to the staffs of all four programs.

Maybe Carthage feels they match up well w UWW given the results of both programs against the common opponent of NCC.

No, I wasn't able to attend any practices.  My information comes from a conversation with Coach Bullis. 
I don't know how they set it up other than offense vs defense.
Hopefully the fact we've been able to schedule this year's out of conference schedule with the quality of opponent is indicative of other program's willingness to schedule us.  That hasn't always been the case.

Somewhat of a paradox (if thatís the right use of the word). Yes, itís good to fill the non-conference schedule w quality teams, however, does that reflect a perception that teams feel UWW isnít the power it once was.

I don't think so. UWO can't even fill its schedule, and this certainly is not the first time they've had that trouble. No one perceives UWO as more of a power than UWW, that 2019 game result notwithstanding.

The paradox is, if you've got serious post-season aspirations, 3-0 in non-conference play, against anybody, is an excellent insurance policy for Pool C entry should you trip up in WIAC play. I get that UWW doesn't have a buffet table of teams willing to play them in N-C games, but just my humble opinion, I'd skew toward games that can get you to 3-0.

Thatís interesting BW, were you able to attend?
Do you know if the scrimmage was first team vs first team?
70 plays is a gameís worth of plays.

Good point on credit to the staff for scheduling- actually to the staffs of all four programs.

Maybe Carthage feels they match up well w UWW given the results of both programs against the common opponent of NCC.

The other recent common opponent was UWO that year. Carthage lost 20-19 to the Titans. Was a game they shoulda won if not for a botched 2-pt conversion attempt at the end. That UWO team beat Whitewater later that season, 27-20.

So really Carthage is the perfect N-C opponent. Should be a W, but it also should be a good preparatory test for WIAC play.

Reports that Matt Campbell of Iowa State turned down 8 yrs, $68 mil to coach the NFL Lions. Had he taken that gig, I'd have bet a nickel that Lance Leipold would be at Iowa State instead of Kansas.

Stout schedule:

Notably a non-conference game at Point week 3

UWO has posted a nine-game schedule

Unpopular opinion:

Rodgers is not done in Green Bay. In the era of Fake (for profit) News, I've decided not to immediately buy into any story that does not come directly from the source. Here, Schefter releases a "story" on draft day based on recycled tidbits and not new informations. Ratings anyone?  Since then it has been one overblown reaction after another.  From the sources?  The Packers say they will never trade him and plan on him returning. Rodgers has not commented publicly AT ALL.  I see a lot of talk/shows and sports programming folks benefitting from this story.

My guess:  Rogers is frustrated that he has only one guaranteed year left on his contract. I think he is not commenting on the story because letting it continue could create leverage in cutting the best deal he can get in a renegotiation. If he retires, he owes Green Bay a bunch of money (I've heard $30 million). I don't care how much money he has, he's not doing that.

At the end of the day, I am guessing there will be a re-worked deal that will give Rodgers a guarantee for a couple of extra years. 

All the rest I'm viewing as Fake (for profit) News until I hear more directly from the Packers or Rodgers.

Rodgers has commented publicly, if not directly. He blamed the media for click-baiting. What was missing in his comments was either a confirmation or a denial... and that, IMO, speaks volumes.

Putting aside the unfortunate hard feelings at the end/toward the end of their days w Green Bay, who would you rather have in their prime, Favre or Rogers?

As Bearsí fans, we donít face a question like this.

Hmm. Idk. Favre was more fun, I guess. Both got wrecked by fame and became d*cks.

Another Warhawk alumn in the news.

The latest out of Green Bay is Rodgersí ďlast strawĒ with management was when they cut Kumerow.

Iím starting to like that guy Rogers.
I do understand his point a bit. One day heís publicly very complementary of a receiver (Kumerow) as reliable, and shortly thereafter, the receiver is released. Itís no secret QBís need to trust their guys to be in the right place.

I'm not sure I'm buying what Rodgers is selling here. He now is aware that he's losing the PR battle with fans (he got booed at the Brewer game the other day when his commercial popped up on the scoreboard). He is also well aware that cutting Whitewater Jesus was an unpopular move among the Packer fan base. This feels a bit like a contrived attempt to re-align himself with the fanbase, and remind the fanbase that management is the bad guy that cut Kumerow.

Wonder whoís he taking with him?

Great question. The guy who writes articles for the primary Buffalo fan website/message board is advocating they hire Borland as Head Coach immediately and attempt to keep as much of the staff as they can. I'm guessing he goes with Lance. I don't see him settling in Buffalo forever without him.

I wonder if Borland desires the HC role. On one hand it seems like it would be the right scenario for his transition to HC.
On the other hand, what an opportunity for him as DC to build a defense at KU.

I wonder which opportunity results in a better paycheck. My guess is they'd be close, and likely favor KU. He's not a young guy. I'm generally pleased to see these D3 guys (and their families) enjoy the benefits of success. There's a path. So many of these assistants co-opting a position in admissions/maintenance/whatever with coaching, working on a $10k-$15k contract. No personal knowledge, but I think Borland has lived that life.

If he can fix that mess... I just fear it's fundamentally unfixable.

This. But a coach can effect change. Schiano made Rutgers relevant for a few years. If that isn't proof of anything being possible I don't know what is. LL might be able to do the same at Kansas. Though Kansas will need to be patient, it took Schiano 4 years to get traction. I'm not sure anyone is patient enough anymore.

The thing about Rutgers is that New Jersey is a hotbed of football talent. They historically lose it to Penn State (and others) but it's all in their backyard. They just need to do a better job of keeping their own. Kansas doesn't have that inherent advantage.

Best case, he gets them to .500 in three years and gets out for one final shot at real D1 glory. How's that for patience?

If he can fix that mess... I just fear it's fundamentally unfixable.

Great article about Quinn Meinerz in the Washington Post this morning. Probably nothing new for you guys, but a really good profile of him and the effort he put in to be draft eligible and how it has paid off in raising his draft stock. Nice to see an in-depth piece on him instead of simply draftnick talking points.

Thanks very much for sharing jknezek- youíre right the article was a great profile.
I wasnít aware he didnít market himself in high school- a good lesson for others.

Regardless of where heís drafted, I hope he has a long and successful NFL career.

Let's see how well you Whitewaterians know your history. Quinn Meinerz will be drafted this weekend. How many UWW Warhawks have been drafted into the NFL before him?

Curious to see exactly who will be doing the slinging. Yíall got a few who are capable if everybody eligible returns

I posted this on the Central BB Board and Pat directed me here CBS Sports is showing that Lance Leipold is on a short list to be the next coach at Kansas.

Jeeeezzz... just feels like a you-can't-win-there place.

That said, I hope he gets the shot.

Very high words of praise for Quinn Meinerz from a veteran coach/scout:

"I see Quinn going late in the second round of the draft to the early fourth round.  I can see him being a backup center for his first year and then make the move to the starter and really showing his abilities.  Long term I see many pro bowl appearances and with his personality and charity work, I can even see him as a Walter Payton Award nominee and possibly a winner.  Quinn has the potential to have a HOF career with the right guidance.  No matter where he goes he is going to be a force to reckon with." - David Van Nett

David Van Nett is a 17-year football coach and former CFL scout.  He was hired by Head Coach Chris Jones, 4 times Grey Bowl coach, to be the area scout in the Carolinas.  David is an Army veteran and retired law enforcement officer as well.

I saw the above on

Past recent local pro days included representation from other D3s in Wisconsin. Is today just about Meinerz, or are other WIACers, MWCers, NACCers, CCIWers participating?

For fans, fall football (say that four times fast) is most important.
A quick count of the 2019 UWW roster shows 23 juniors at the time, presumably they are seniors now. I wonder how many of these seniors would love/prefer a spring season- as opposed to paying for another fall semester?

I'm guessing 23, especially given that a spring season wouldn't affect their eligibility.

It doesnít affect their eligibility, but it does affect their current/future bank account.

For sure.  That's why I'm sure 23 would love a spring season! But my original point wasn't expressing a preference in a vacuum. I was implying that the likelihood of spring ball is so low, that I'd gladly accept a guarantee of Fall ball at this point.

But to your point, I was agreeing with you.

I wonder how much uncertainty exists for the coaches in terms of roster planning/recruiting regarding which seniors will elect to enroll in the fall semester. Any idea if this is an issue for the staff?

That's gotta be an issue throughout D3. There are still only 22 starting jobs out there. With a significantly expanded senior class, whether from regular seniors or super-seniors, it's gonna get complicated. But it will be interesting to see it play out. The end result, I might expect, would be an improved level of football due to increased PT competition, but level of play will be improved at a lot of places. And the effects of additional eligibility will play out differently at Whitewater vs other WIACs, or vs private schools. I think we'll see a lot of player transfers before next fall.

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