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Ron Boerger

Quote from: jaysoccer on October 24, 2022, 01:16:33 PM
My intel is he is out for the year, and has been in that situation for at least 1 month

Such a shame - he is such a monster but can't stay healthy for whatever reason (lost a month last season to injury if memory serves).

Trinity has got to figure out a way to deal with St. Thomas' style of play.  Two straight 2-1 losses to them dating to last year's semis and no Meese makes it worse.  One thing in their favor is that the SCAC championships will be played in Sherman and St. Thomas has had less success on the road (3-1-2) than in Houston (7-0-1). 

Trinity (18 points) has almost locked up the #1 seed for the tournament and #2-4 are totally up in the air.  Colorado and St. Thomas are tied for second with 14 points, but the Tigers have a game in hand on the Celts.  CC could earn the #1 seed with wins at Trinity and Schreiner this week.  Southwestern is two points further back but could end up as high as second if they should win at back markers Austin and Dallas and CC does no better than 1-1 (CC holds the tiebreaker).  Texas Lutheran is mathematically alive with a 14 point max possible against the same two teams but it would require SW to do no better than 0-1-1 thanks to the Pirates having the advantage of a 2-0 victory on Saturday.


Thanks jaysoccer.

CC United

Colorado College and Trinity tied tonight 0-0 in a game at Trinity.  Trinity has the No. 1 spot for the conference tournament. Games on Sunday will determine final placement.