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Started by Hoops Fan, March 01, 2005, 04:20:50 PM

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Hoops Fan

Read all the way down Marv.

So how do we think Endicott will do against W Conn?

Brice Assie is a beast (6'6" 250) and he will probably be a little more than the EC post guys can handle.  However, if Oxton and George can take over and hit the outside shot, there might be a way to keep it close.  If WConn does their homework, they will test Marinkovic defensively and I think they is the ticket to win.

Marv Albert

HoopsFan I was just affirming you tentative remark.


First, I must agree that the ROY award is soooo stupid. It makes no sense that Blue doesnt make all conference but gets ROY. Last year Marinkovic was ROY but was also 1st team. That makes sense.  

I'll talk about my team for a sec. ENC is losing a lot of key players this year and the shoes will be hard to fill. Their starting pointguard Will Harvey and second string point, Derick Bell, wont be back. Their best player Larry Kearney,(let team in pts, fg%, 3pt%, boards, blocks) is gone, and then Captian Edson Cardoso who was limited this year wont be back also. SO basically they have a lot to fill. Aklthough in they have a good core of guys to build on (Duda, JP, Jasmin, Christian) They'll still need a few more players. They are really missing out on a Pt guard.  

I just wanna give a shout out to my Boys.  
H, D, L, and E. I'll love you forever. It was fun, and i'll never forget all the sweat and blood we shared for all those years. Good luck in whatever it is you decide to do after Ball.

Marv Albert

Chewning, I know these guys are you friends, and you all went through a lot together, but after a 5-20 (4-12) record, I'm not too sure how big those shoes are to fill.  The credit goes to them for making the South more interesting towards the end of the season with some key wins, but this season was a rebuilding year at best.  Lets just hope ENC can get on the right path again so that heated ENC/GC rivalry can flurish like it had in the past.


Marv. I hear what you are saying but when you are a player, basketball is much more than the record.  
Sure it was time to coach, new style of play, new players. With that being said i just wanted to give my guys a shout.

New England BBALL

I've seen Western Conn twice this year and I am quite familiar with Endicott as well...given it is the NCAA tourney and anything can happen, I believe Western Conn is a clear favorite to win rather easily.  As mentioned earlier Brice Assie is simply a manchild, the dude is strait up JACKED and will be in a league of his own athletically against EC (Evans can jump with him but thats about it).  What many people forget about Western Conn is they have multiple weapons behind Assie as well.  Kamari Crawford is one of the quickest 4 men i have seen in college basketball this year, a very very difficult match up for almost any team (6'2 but plays much bigger).  Jay Reginatto is no slouch from behind the arc, having surpased the 1000 point mark was no joke, the guy can stick and is a solid leader on the court as well.  Greg Cole is probably the 2nd best option on the team in terms of offensive production, only listed at 6'3 he looks bigger and is a very versatile scorer.  
Endicott will need to dominate the backcourt game in hopes of pulling out the W.  Oxton and Ellis I think are very capable of outplaying WCSU's backcourt of Reginatto/Gene/White.  Lots of point will need to come from the perimeter as teams find it difficult to score inside against a very athletic frontcourt of WCSU.

Keys for a Western Conn. Win-
-Keep Assie involved and out of foul trouble (it has been an issue in the past)
-Control the Defensive boards
-Guards need to keep TO's to a minimum

Keys for an EC Win-
-Win the battle of the backcourts
-40+ points from Ellis/Oxton/George
-REBOUNDS REBOUNDS REBOUNDS, EC needs to get some Offensive boards and keep WCSU from getting easy putbacks as they have been able to do so much this year.

my prediction---WCSU by 14

Hoops Fan

I think EC will keep it under ten, but then again I have been dead wrong about nearly every prediciton for EC all year... so there you go.

Hoops Fan

Word is Matt George hurt his ankle yesterday and will not play tonight.  No word on Saturday, if they make it that far.  If the injury is really bad enough to keep him out of an NCAA tournament game, that doesn't bode well.  Its going to be an even steeper hill for EC tonight now.

Hoops Fan

The CoSIDA Academic All-America Team (sponsored by ESPN the Magazine) was named today. In the College Division, which covers D2, D3, and NAIA schools Andrew St Clair made the third team.  A nice representation for the CCC.

CSC also beat Keene State easily in the first round of the ECAC championships.  They are the #1 seed in New England and face #4 RIC next.

CSC began the game with a 38-6, yes you read that right, 38-6 run and coasted home.  I think they might be a little miffed about not making the NCAAs after their really poor last two weeks.

New England BBALL

wow Matt George hurting his ja vu!! exact same thing happened last year at this same time! right before the Tourney game vs. Babson

Hoops Fan

George may be clutch, but that ankle apparently can't handle the pressure.

atn alum

Just a reminder that the Endicott/Western CT game tonight will be webcast by the NCAA using personnel." target=_top> for more information.

Roy Williams

this is probably a moot point now that george is out but plymouth state seemed to stay with Western Conn. And from what I know Plymouth isnt that big. Granted Polette had 60 something pts but maybe there is some hope for EC against the man child.

New England BBALL

plymouth isnt that big, Andreas Pope of PSU led the LEC in rebounds this season and is only 6'1 but plays like hes 6'7 an amazing athlete, arguably one of the top athletes in the LEC.  Plymouth played some zone against WCSU and had some success with it, when assie was able to get the ball in the middle of the paint is when he became dominant, if u can keep him 8-9 feet from the basket, heck even let him face up offensively he isnt anywhere near the player he is inside.


in the game against W. Conn when Plymouth kept it close, Pope had 30 and Polette had 29...not 60. Budrow also had 16 off the bench.  

Endicott will have to get Oxton hot and someone else like Marankavich will have to play really big. The will also have to limit the scoring of the other players like Crawford and Cole.  Assie will do what he wants and thats it.