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Who decides and what criteria as far as stats is needed this year to make this rule permanent next year......

I believe this rule should have been changed 5 years ago.......they are trying it out in preseason this year.....but what is the criteria in terms of turnovers and points scored are they looking out for this to become a permanent rule and allow defensive to be finally rewarded like it should be as well as rewarding teams that have good passers and dribblers.
According to the new NCAA rules they will start playing with the 10 second backcourt rule in preseason this year 2011-2012 but what is the criteria or statistics that will determine whether this goes into effect during th 2012-2013 Regular Season and who actually votes on the decision.......I am all for the new rule.....which should have been in effect 5 years ago.....but the real question is are they going to then change the time of possession clock to 35 seconds or ???? any information on this and how this will be carried out in the SCAC this year preseason would be helpful.
When does DIII Women's Basketball Rankings usually come out? Who does the ranking?