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Pro ball / Re: MLB Topics
August 27, 2015, 08:04:37 PM
Former Chapman baseball player Tyler Hadzinsky, left his role as a financial services senior consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York City to take a position in baseball operations in the St. Louis Cardinals' front office. Hadzinsky was a star player in baseball and soccer at Chapman. Tyler was part of Chapman teams that played in several DIII Baseball Championship Series(aka World Series for DIII baseball). Tyler could be part of team in the MLB to make it to the World Series.

Story from earlier this year.
West Region / Re: BB: Top Teams in West Region
June 02, 2015, 07:44:09 PM
Congrats on Trinity making it out of the West. Saw their program several years battle Chapman in the regionals. A great program a great coaching staff and most years have few players from Califronia on their roster.

A deep pitching staff is indeed a key element to winning the whole thing.

Chapman was without their All American #1 starter Kitchens in 2009 and fell a day short.

In 2011 Chapman was again without their #1 starter Rauh and fell a game short.

West has great teams but it is so tough to win in Appleton. Cortland has been a regular in Appleton for so many years and finally got their championship.
West Region / Re: 2015 West Regional - Tyler, TX
May 17, 2015, 10:25:58 PM
Quote from: CAK72B on May 17, 2015, 09:03:11 PM
I think everyone would agree that this was long overdue for Coach Scannell. This year was very interesting year for the Tigers this year. It started with having to replace arguably 2 of the best players in Trinity history (Hirschberg and Muscarello). It got to a point halfway through the season where this Trinity team was 4th in the conference standings and having guys fighting in the dugout during games. All of a sudden it seemed to finally click with their back facing the wall in the first game of the conference tournament against TLU down 1 in the 8th and figuring out a way to win the ballgame. Watching the Trinity program for over 10 years now most people I think would agree that this team may not have been the most talented (2013, 2010, some of the early 2000s) but this team figured out a way to get it done. I believe that this will go down as one of Scannell's best coaching jobs and maybe due to the fact he had to do more coaching this year than previous ones.

One fact I think that was different for this team than others was the fact they really didn't have a set rotation all year so about 5 or 6 guys got a decent amount of starts where as previous teams seemed to only have about 3 or 4 guys get a majority of the starts. Maybe this is a strategy that Trinitt will implement more in the future.

A second thing I noticed is if you look at the regional winners since 2011. Chapman won on a dirt field at McMurry. 2012-2014 were won by NWC teams on turf fields. This year Trinity wins on a dirt field in Tyler. Ironic that the teams winning the regionals are playing on surfaces that they are more accustomed to. Thought it was an interesting observation.
Congrats to Trinity. A great program every year. I wish them well in Appleton.
West Region / Re: 2015 West Regional - Tyler, TX
May 15, 2015, 11:59:51 PM
Is this the year TRINITY finally makes it out of TEXAS to Wisconsin?
West Region / Re: 2015 West Regional - Tyler, TX
May 15, 2015, 11:53:46 PM
Quote from: Westside on May 15, 2015, 06:34:01 PM
Trinity defeats Millsaps 5-3.

So we have:

#6 La Verne (2-0) vs. #5 Trinity (2-0)

#2 Linfield (1-1) vs. #3 Millsaps (1-1)

Thanks for the update with W-L. Glad no games in SoCal. Would have been rained out Th. I just DON'T like the combination of COLD, WIND, SIDEWAYS RAIN and playing it after get soaked in the dugout for over 1 hour of rain with no cover. But I am over it. That was 2010 and I have moved on. Why? 4 trips to Appleton in 5 years. Who else can say that on this board? Heck I have a small investment in the Wooden Nickel Sports bar in Appleton. Chapman will not be back anytime soon.
West Region / Re: 2015 West Regional - Tyler, TX
May 15, 2015, 01:18:43 AM
Not a good week for baseball in SoCal. Rain. Texas is fine. Loved watching the games in Abilene regional several years ago. Linfield was also great in 2009 with great weather.
West Region / Re: BB: Top Teams in West Region
May 08, 2015, 12:13:09 AM
1. La Verne
2. Trinity
3. Whitworth
4. ASC Champ
5. PLU
6. UTT if not ASC Champ

Who is out
Cal Lu
Concordia TX
All 30 win teams

Fair thing would be to have play in games for Pool C but travel costs wont let this happen. NCAA salaries take care of this.
West Region / Re: BB: Top Teams in West Region
May 08, 2015, 12:07:56 AM
Quote from: Jack Parkman on May 07, 2015, 08:23:45 PM
Quote from: SoCalSoxFan on May 07, 2015, 08:08:55 PM
Quote from: Westside on May 07, 2015, 07:19:46 PM
Newest Regional Rankings are out.

West Region   

1   Pacific Lutheran   27-10-0 ( 0.730)   30-12-0 ( 0.714)
2   Texas-Tyler   29-9-0 ( 0.763)   30-10-0 ( 0.750)
3   Linfield   28-12-0 ( 0.700)   30-13-0 ( 0.698)
4   Cal Lutheran   32-12-0 ( 0.727)   32-12-0 ( 0.727)
5   Concordia (TX)   29-10-0 ( 0.744)   29-10-0 ( 0.744)
6   Whitworth   27-12-0 ( 0.692)   28-13-0 ( 0.683)

Interesting that CLU jumped ahead of Concordia.    Not knowing anything, I think that means they need to win the ASC tourney to have a chance to get in as their chance of being Pool C was just reduced.   

Will Pool C pick two NWC's and have a third in Pool A?   
If they do, I wouldn't think all 3 NWC's to be in the west.  I expect if they did, they would ship one to another region 

With Linfield and CLU at 3 & 4, I wonder if the committee would only take PLU and TT (if they come in second at ASC) as Pool C. 
And if TT wins ASC, they'll import a Pool C from another region. 

The final picks on the 10th should be very interesting.

Here is what we know for sure:
1. La Verne
2. Trinity
3. Whitworth

Those teams are all in.

Here is what is still up for grabs.

4. ASC Champ is in
5. PLU is in
6. If Concordia wins the ASC, that leaves this spot for UTT.  If UTT wins, this spot is open for Linfield, CLU or Concordia.  The way the NCAA hides the final rankings leaves them the option to put Concordia in so they don't have to spend on a flight.  I think Linfield might still get a shot, but in a different region.  This leaves CLU at home.
UTT should also be in ahead of Linfield but.......lets see what happens
West Region / Re: BB: Top Teams in West Region
May 07, 2015, 11:53:08 PM
I bet either Cal Lu or Linfield gets......Strange illogical things happen with Pool C. Neither should. Many years Pool C teams don't pass the smell test, while other 30 win teams stay home. Linfield has 30 wins and I bet they get in. Last year Chapman had 30 and they stayed home.

West Region / Re: BB: Top Teams in West Region
April 22, 2015, 09:51:46 PM
As we know neither poll has any bearing on playoff spots. Pool A is won by winning conference tourney's in the West. Pool C seems to have a real slant to teams with high SOS(strength of schedule) which teams in the West don't have. Regional rankings can be misleading too. Being regionally ranked does not guarantee a Pool C bid but not be regionally rank does seem to guarantee you wont get a Pool C bid.
West Region / Re: BB: Top Teams in West Region
April 22, 2015, 12:24:47 AM
IF Cal Lu loses the SCIAC Pool A do they get a Pool C?

Same goes for Linfield in the NWC?

I say yes...
Quote from: Teddy_Ballgame on April 17, 2015, 03:00:19 PM
Conceding that we will collectively fail to solve the Cal Tech Conundrum (sounds like a Big Bang Theory episode, appropriately) again this year, I'm moving on to weekend picks.

PP 3-0 over Cal Tech
CLU 3-0 over Oxy
ULV 2-1 over Chapman
Whittier 2-1 over CMS
Redlands 2-1 over UPS (we should all be rooting for Redlands in this one. A sweep puts Redlands at 26-9 overall and certainly in the Pool C conversation depending on round robin and conference tournament)

Predicted standings going into Round Robin:
1. Cal Lutheran 17-7 (24-11) (head-to-head tie breaker over ULV and PP)
2. La Verne 17-7 (20-14) (head-to-head tie breaker over PP)
3. Pomona-Pitzer 17-7 (25-10)
4. Redlands 16-8 (25-10)
5. Chapman 15-9 (22-13)
6. Occidental 14-10 (19-16)
7. Whittier 8-16 (10-25)
8. CMS 4-20 (6-29)
9. Cal Tech 0-24 (2-31)         

I think at this point, Cal Lu Redlands and PP are the only teams who will have any chance at a Pool C, and the odds aren't great. While all three have a shot at reaching that impressive 30 win mark, any Pool C team will necessarily have tacked on 2 more losses in the SCIAC tournament. Further, none of those three have especially impressive non-conference resumes. We'll see how the rest of the country fares in the coming weeks.

Many 30 win teams have stayed home in the West over the years.  SCIAC potential Pool C is penalized by playing Cal Tech, CMS and Whitter this year. SOS is hurt and Pool C bid may not be achievable. Round 1 of the playoffs is the SCIAC conference. Win it to move on or expect to stay home
Cal Tech really needs to consider moving to Club baseball. Not being competitive just does not work.
I like the idea of pool play for the Round Robin phase. Incentives to be a 1 seed. Top 4 conferences records go to Conference tourney.

1,8,7,6 in Pool A

2,5,4,3 in Pool B

Everyone plays 9