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Historically, all the great ODAC teams have hiccups along the way which is always the leveler that makes the conference so exciting.  ;D
What? He's signing on the dotted line in Macedo's office as we speak :o
whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Tell me more y_jack :o
Cmon, HSC is a class act....adding Williams is a classy move ;D Nuf said.
Thanks Seatfiller. Now we know!
All in the Family ;D.....

Guilford Head Coach Tom Palombo is a VWC grad
E&H Head Coach David Wilson is a HSC grad
RMC Head Coach Nathan Davis is a RMC grad
Lynchburg Head Coach Hilliary Scott is a Roanoke grad
HSC Coach Dee Vick is a HSC grad
And with apologies to the longest tenured ODAC Coach, Page Moir, for not knowing where he went to college, I am making the assumption that he attended Roanoke because of his father's time there as gead coach.

Not bad - 50% with Coach Moir in the mix :)

Old #44 played against Coach Wilson for several years. Nice guy and will be a great coach!
Not since Jim Loesel ;D
GoFish! ;D Old #44 and Mrs. Old #44 are making the trip from Winchester and will be in the house!
Region 6 men's basketball / go marlins
March 09, 2013, 09:05:36 AM
GO FISH ;D Old #44 and Mrs. Old #44 are making the trip from Winchester and will be in the house!
Dear Seatfiller - "butt hurt," that's a new one on me. Please be careful about what you say about other people and places when in fact you cannot verify your remarks.
Dear Seatfiller - please elaborate on your observation about VWC: "academics aren't that great." And, by the way, you spell it Shenandoah.
coached by none other than the infamous Brian Epstein!! ;D
My picks going forward:
2/22> VWC
2/23> VWC
2/24> VWC in OT :)
Dave Macedo is the BEST. I've known him since he started coaching at VWC. He's a molder of young men that not only includes athletic skill but most of all life skills.