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I wouldn't characterize what transpired as a disagreement.

I thought I had that covered with my to an extent qualifier.

You did, to an extent.  ;D

It is interesting to hear him disagree, to an extent, with Bob Quillman on the type of students he will recruit.  It is not what I would have expected, but I know nothing of his former institution so...

I wouldn't characterize what transpired as a disagreement. Quillman posed the question in a way that was speculative about whether the coach would be looking for a different kind of student athlete at NCC than he had at Parkland, and the response was simply an explanation that the profile of the students at Parkland, because of its proximity to U of I, was not that different from the profile of students at NCC, therefore he would not be recruiting a different kind of student, but would be recruiting somewhat differently geographically.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 Hoops Bucket List
« on: September 27, 2022, 09:25:10 am »
I definitely think a game at Westminster College (MO) should be on the bucket list.  The gym was built in 1929 and from the looks of it, has yet to be updated.  Obviously, the site of the Winston Churchill "Iron Curtain" speech.

I agree. Given the character of that gym, I think it should be left alone, other than maybe some fresh paint and occasional floor refinishing.

I was at an afternoon game there years ago and I got to wondering how the amount of natural light coming in through the large windows affects the players, especially the visiting players who don't experience that very often.

Region 6 men's basketball / Re: MBB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: September 25, 2022, 09:47:31 am »
R-MC 2022-23 schedule:

Games against several 'Mary" teams -- Mary Baldwin, Mary Washington, and possibly Maryville. Missing is an opportunity to play Marymount.

^^^Thanks. I thought at least a couple of the games would have to be exhibitions -- most likely two of those you mentioned. I'm just curious that none of them are identified as exhibitions on the schedule.

Webster's schedule has been released. It shows 27 games, none identified as exhibitions. Has something changed?

Because there are only eight full conference members at the moment, there are 14 conference games and 13 non- conference games. Only one of the non-conference games is against provisional member Mississippi University for Women. Once UMW and soon to be provisional member Lyon are in the conference, scheduling will get a bit simpler.

^^^ Juniata is the other football team in that conference.

In reality the bowl series will feature the 2nd and 3rd teams in each conference since the conference champions will be playing in the NCAA tournament.

Last week: Apprentice over Averett at Averett; CNU over W&L at W&L

This week: Averett over CNU at CNU.

Oct 1: Averett at W&L should be really interesting.

Here's a look at the 'new' Day Field in Ashland:

Looks good. So did the Jackets.

The Guilford-Greensboro game was quite entertaining. Greensboro might have won were it not for being heavily penalized, including three touchdowns that were called back due to penalties.

Good wins for Bridgewater and Shenandoah. Tough loss for H-SC - but they looked really good offensively.

Looking forward to tonight's games.

^^^ Thanks for being willing to undertake this task again. I had fun in my first season last year, so will be giving it a go again this season/

You beat me to the punch.

Lyon College to the SLIAC is interesting. 

Batesville is 5 hours away from St. Louis. 

Lyon was in the American Midwest conference in the NAIA.

It's also 5 hours from MUW.

But more like 7+ hours from Spalding and Eureka.

And they don't necessarily have to play those non D3 teams. Seems like it's becoming a trend for these warm weather schools to simply host D3 teams and not even play them. I do like that, playing in the warm weather states and not sacrificing one or two D3 opponents.

Aren't there some new allowances for number of exhibitions so that any games Fontbonne plays in Florida might not count toward the 25 game regular schedule?

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: 2022 Transfers
« on: August 12, 2022, 04:32:19 pm »
About 12 years ago, I think it was 2010-11, Webster had a D1 caliber player, Willie Trimble, for that one season. He made an otherwise decent team quite good, but not good enough to get out of the first round of the NCAA Tournament, losing to Augustana by quite a bit.

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