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Ralph Turner:
D-3 Monthly Newsletter features Future of D-III and Proposed Legislation for the January 2006 National Convention.

The proposal caps the playoffs at 32 games for football and 64 for all other sports when the 1:6.5 ratio is reached.

There is also a proposal for conference realignment without loss of the Pool A from 1Aug 08 to 1Aug 10 after a 2-yr Self-Study from 1Aug06 to 1 Aug 08.

Ryan Scott (Hoops Fan):

Thanks Ralph, that's a very interesting proposal.  I think ultimatetly it will be good for d3 sports, however, it seems like the NCAA lacks the ability to really enforce something like that.  It would ideally be great to realign the conferences and ensure that academic requirements are uniform, but is it a realistic option?

What are your thoughts?

Ralph Turner:
Hoops fan, I don't know which conferences are interested in re-aligning.  There have been several conferences formed in the northeast and Atlantic seaboard to access the AQ, which I think is great!!!  (Playing for a conference championship is much of what it is all about!)  Some of the "new" conferences in the area relative to the playoffs include the North Atlantic Conference, North Eastern AC, the Allegheny Mountain CC and the Atlantic Women's CC. 

If the ASC could re-align into some variation of the Middle Atlantic Corporation (MAC) for the sake of AQ's, I would love it. The ASC has enough teams for basketball but not enough for the other sports to make 2 full AQ conferences, especially with Austin College going to the SCAC.  (In the era of the AQ, the ASC-East has never received a Pool A or Pool C bid in women's hoops.) 

I speculate that the new Lake Michigan-NIIC will try to use
the legislation in their discussions.

Would the UAA use the legislation to add affiliates (from the NCAC?) to earn a football AQ?

Are there conferences in the Northeast Region that need to realign geographically in consideration of all sports?

What about the conferences in the East region realigning for football AQ sake?

Ryan Scott (Hoops Fan):

Football will never be big enough in the NE to force any sort of realignment.  I think the current line-ups (LEC, CCC, NEWMAC) mesh well in terms of overall makeup of the schools.  The LEC is mostly State schools, the CCC is mostly private schools with slightly higher academic bents and the NEWMAC is a wealthier, higher-profile version of the CCC.  The MASCAC is pretty cohesive, totally uncompetitive in basketball, but really nice in other sports.

I could see a lot of positives in the NAC and the GNAC trading some schools, probably better philosophical fits as well as for geographic considerations.  Honestly, I can't see there being much shake-up in the NE region.

Really, the NCAA should spend its time figuring out a better way to classify regions instead of realigning the individual conferences.

Ralph Turner:
Hoops fan, please email me off line.  I was not able to send an email to your nyironhorse  yahoo email.



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