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What Division III sport should we add a board for next?

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Pat Coleman:
Already have one:

Ryan Scott (Hoops Fan):
Is it time to shut down this thread?

Wydown Blvd.:

Pat Coleman:

--- Quote from: Pat Coleman on January 31, 2007, 02:02:45 pm ---If we added a board for volleyball, do you think the AVCA would promote it? Would D-III volleyball fans find out about it?

That's one of the factors I consider when looking at this stuff. I'm not sure we have a lot of fans already coming here who would cross over to volleyball. I wouldn't want volleyball boards to end up like women's lacrosse.

--- End quote ---

Recently the AVCA came to us looking for suggestions on how to start a D-III volleyball news site, in the style of our other news sites. I gave them some thoughts on that and also suggested a message board would be worthwhile, if they would support it.

They came back and said they were interested, so I started one.


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