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Started by admin, August 16, 2005, 05:05:01 AM

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This is the new home of NCAC discussion. Welcome aboard, everyone.


This new format threw me for a loop.  I guess I'm the first one on our board. 

Since the old posts are not up, I will ask again.  Did the NCAA change the rules on 2-a-days?  The 2nd story on the front page made it seem like they did.


Wow this is really high tech.  It looks good.



I believe that the NCAA did change the rules on 2-a-days to make it safer for the kids.  I'm not for certain, but I believe it's due to the increase in player deaths on the practice field over the past few years in all divisions. 

Pat and staff,

I really like the new format.  It really looks top notch.  Nice job!!!




Why should you go for it on 4th down?

"To overcome the disappointment of not making it on third down." -- Washington State Coach Mike Leach


106 players reported to camp yesterday:


Any other numbers from around the NCAC???


Its about time for weekly Pick-em....anyone doing it this year?

Can it be done in the same way in this format?

Why should you go for it on 4th down?

"To overcome the disappointment of not making it on third down." -- Washington State Coach Mike Leach



It looks like one can add a new topic on the North Region board for the pick 'em.

Li'l Giant

Very nice job with the upgrade to Pat and crew. This is awesome.
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Like others, want to offer congrats to Pat & D3 folks for a
job well done!  Still, like that rental car, it feels a little different--for the first 100 miles.

Now that 'Bash is in camp, absolutely cannot wait for it all to get underway!  Loads of experience on the L'il Giants, but some question marks. 

Best of luck to all in the NCAC as you battle the heat (the 12-minute run in C-ville should be fun today) and prepare for the '05 season!


Ryan Tipps

This is a good looking message board. Thanks to everyone at d3football who worked hard to get this updated.

I like it!
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Bash Report -

Great photos on the website.  Some guys look much different which hopefully means a great deal of hard work over the Summer.  Anyone notice the 6'4" 300 kid from CA...maybe he can be another Joe Kearney (Woo)!!!

OL should be a strength with Millikan (6'3 295) & Hilts (6'6 280) as bookends with a lot of competition in the middle.  Wideouts don't have flashy stats but are extremely deep and talented...Walker, Summers (#1 this season & healthy), Green, Russell, Banach, and big TEs too. 

The D is "sick" all over.  Speed kills.

Heading off campus tonight...

Here's to a healthy camp.

Go Bash!!!


Let me join in heaping the kudos on Pat and the other folks at D3...great upgrade.  Thanks for the hard work.
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