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Started by admin, August 16, 2005, 05:05:38 AM

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This is the new home of OAC discussion. Welcome aboard, everyone.


Pat:  Are you going to be able to set-up our Pick-Em page?
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Welcome to the future of Post Patterns.  ;D

Pat, don't forget the "In Game Update" page as well.

Looks great BTW!
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Now what do we do? It looks like we have a few new toys to play with till football starts.  We can make word glow. I wish it would just start already. I guess you can do this as well.  This might keep em occupied for quite a while.
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ELee....Way too much time on your hands buddy!lol....Shouldn't you be practicing?


This is pretty cool.  I miss the old posts though.


I guess I am no longer JK.  Now officially "capgrad"


Actually t dubs I am in school now.  Our first day was August 4. Tonight we have our third scrimmage, first for JV. My JV oline is ready to hit someone else.

On a side note, I watch film of Devan Downey's 67 point game last year here at Chester High.  Actually I just watched the 2nd quarter where he scored 32 points and hit 8 three pointers.  UC fans will love him.  But back to football.

I am still debating Cap-Witt.  The long ass drive is pretty hard to swallow.
The eyes are the groin of the head.  -- Dwight K. Schrute


Just curious if anyone else had to reregister.  Oh well, just one small thing to keep a nice message board up and running.  The new site looks good


 ;)  HA!  I am IN!  I had to re-register, but no matter. 

Football is less than three weeks away!


Great work Pat.

It still amazes me this is not your real full time job.

That goes for everyone at D-3 who deserve a standing "O" from all of us for this great place to park for awhile and dump the days BS for something really important.

F O O T B A L L!


Let the games begin! Thanks for the upgrade Pat.


How do we get rid of that big funny looking bear?
It's hard on the eyes,
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reality check


I thought you would appreciate that. 


Mr Coleman,

You continue to amaze us with your devotion to d3 sports. I think all of us owe you a great deal of repect and thanks for this great website.