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Great post-up Jeff! Classic stuff.

SD bball

Good quetions.  Both are good prospects for the NESCAC.  Golia can penetrate and has very high basketball IQ (like Olson).  Olson had to score more for his high school team.  Golia had more teammates to distribute the ball to.  Moore is a different kind of player than Cole.  Very athletic (like Cole), but probably not as quick... brings more offense to the floor.  Works as hard on defense (but we all know Jaris is one of the best on D...)  Don't get me wrong... I don't think these 2 guys alone will take Williams to the promiseland.  I was just repsonding to the earlier question regarding the San Diego recruits.  If I'm not mistaken these two know each other pretty well and played together for the same club team (Olson played for the same club team as well).  I also believe they had opportunities to commit to other schools and chose Williams because of their strong academic backgrounds (not that the other schools weren't strong academically).  I had heard they looked at a couple Ivy's as well.  They attend the top 2 academic high schools in San Diego.


Charles Stone was getting meaner and nastier this spring. Conn is bringing in some shooters and even Trinity will need both Rhotens to stop this year's co-rookie of the year...Cameltime out.

jeff williams

Yet another two-guard is headed to Williams, Kevin Snyder from Colorado (I think someone referenced him in an earlier post):

http://www.cohoopstracker.com/page4.html" target=_top>http://www.cohoopstracker.com/page4.html

Looks like Williams is loading up on guards this year, hopefully a few of them can contribute soon as the Ephs badly need some outside shooting to complement what should be stronger interior play.  

Any further word on rumors of that big guy transfer?


Amherst may have the deepest tesm in the NESCAC next year. Bedford, Casnocha,Olsen and Wheeler all return with significant experience. In addtion the others on the bench are improving and should provide needed depth. It is going to be a fun year.

jeff williams

Hook, you hear anything about Amherst's incoming class?  Baskauskas sounds like the real deal, anyone other recruits of note that you have heard about?  Is it true that Ray Corrigan will be returning as a fifth-year senior?  Amherst does look to be the team to beat again, but Trinity (and I know we said this last year) looks very, very strong on paper, especially with a DI transfer coming in.

john bedford

what's the deal with baskauskas. any stats on him

Senator Frost

I heard the Corrigan rumor. I also heard the rumor about some big guy maybe transferring to Williams from an Ivy. However,all I ever hear are rumors.  
Jeff, I checked into that site you gave. If I remember right Snyder is rated the #21 (Senior?) in Colorado. Bartolotta, from the same team is rated #6 in the state and is going to MIT????
IF the ratings are accurate that means MIT might have the best player they have EVER had???
From the same team, Andrew Brown is rated #1 and is going to Lafayette.

Eph Hoops

Baskauskas is from Palo Alto.  I spoke to a friend who say him play regularly the past couple of years.   He's a very solid player.    He's 6'6" with a very good outside shot.

My friend said he should be a star in D3.  

It looks like Hixon will once again reload th eroster at Amherst.

Senator Frost

I made a mistake. I first heard about the Corrigan rumor from someone who read it here.
So it is June and I thought this would be a good time to explain my views on the Schiel v Bedford issue. (And Schiel v Rhoten in the process)
  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  
 I remember in the season of 2001-2002 I had to miss a couple of games.During the course of the season I asked 3/4 people for their take on the Amherst Men's team. Two of these people saw Amherst play away. None of the games reported on were close so it is probable that close attention was not paid throughout.
 Anyway all conversations were practically the same and they went like this.
 'What did you think of the Amherst team'?
 'Pretty good'
  'What did you think of Zieja?'
 'Which one was Zieja? Was he the guy with the  Brown hair who brought the ball up?
  'No. What did you think of Harper?'
   'I'm not sure. Which one was he?'
   'Did anyone catch your eye?'
   "Yes sir. That tall Frosh, the one with the REALLY NICE LOOKING shot. Blonde hair, Schiel. He is really good. How did Amherst get him?' etc. etc. etc.
 I then looked up the games that had been reported on and Schiel would have gone something like 1-3 or 1-4 and played maybe 12 minutes but some people have it and some people don't. All most people had to see was Schiel launching one of his early in the game 3 pointers from way out, with beautiful form, nice arc, etc. and they were hooked. In D3 someone that tall who can shoot like he can is admittedly memorable.
 Then in subsequent years their initial impression never really went away. If he had a so/so game the next time they saw him, well anyone can have a bad game and the adoration did not lessen. If one saw every (Home) game last year and was able to be objective and forget about the really nice visual, then their inescapable conclusion is that Bedford was the MVP. Rhoten?? Well people who voted for POY were obviously NOT! capable of putting that very favorable impression in it's proper perspective.
  This does not mean Schiel will not be missed. He was one of the very few best players in the league and based on what I saw at the end of the season, it may be impossible to replace him. We will see.Hopefully someone can step Wayyy up.


Andrew will be missed.His blend of power and skill will be tough to replace. That's the fun part of coaching! I am sure Hixon will adjust and find the right combination for success. I think the underclassmen are talented, enthusiastic and eager to contribute to the strong Amherst tradition. Go Jeff! Play hard, play smart and play together.

Bob Holdcamp

To all those that are worried about Trinity.  There is no need to worry.  Yes, they will have the most talent, for the second year in a row I might add, but what they don't have is heart.  I saw that team play on multiple occasions last year and they are more concerned with individual numbers than winning.  Every one of those guys was looking for their points and a way to stay out of foul trouble.  I know Rhoten is a good offensive player, but he doesn't play ANY defense.  I saw him give up layup after layup last year because he didn't want to foul or play tough inside.  Until they prove they have the some heart, I wouldn't worry about them.  Oh, and they were completely mis-managed by Ogrodnik last year.  

Is this a little harsh?  Yes, but I'm an alum so my $120K bought me that right.

jeff williams

Congrats to Robert Mitchell.  

Another California Eph hoop recruit, Grant Meyer, a 6'7 forward from Fullerton.  I read in some articles that he worked hard to recover from a stroke suffered while playing basketball, sounds like an impressive all-around guy.  Williams has a huge incoming class of recruits it sounds like.  In sum, I have now read about: Tommas Golia, PG, Michael Kearney, PG, Kevin Scura, SG, Eric Moore, SG / SF, Kevin Snyder, SG, Grant Meyer, PF / C, so that's at least six (three from Cal., one from Col., one from D.C., one from N.H., so a pretty far-flung group), plus rumors of a forward from Florida and a possible transfer.  Williams will need at least two of that group to be immediate contributors to have a shot at NESCAC contention next year ...


Sounds like Williams is bringing in a high-level recruiting class... How does the rest of NESCAC look in terms of incoming frosh? Will Amherst be bringing any difference makers in?

Senator Frost

Last year I heard that Amherst had a pretty decent guard that was going to enter in the Fall of 2004. Not being too close to the source of whatever info there is, I didn't get the player's name. All I heard was, that at the camp Amherst  has  during the summer some guard who was going to Amherst looked pretty good. I never got the name until later.(Olson)
This year sounds better. This came to me third or maybe fourth hand so like last year I do not know any names, except Baskauskas and it is not him I am talking about. Anyway the player will be coming to Amherst this Fall and
I was told and he will be VERY!! good. The person who told me about him said for New England D3 you could call him  one of the best, RIGHT NOW!! He is supposedly about 6:5 and really jumps and can run and rebound and well we will see I suppose.This is one story I hope is true and accurate.
I heard some of the other newcomers looked pretty good also. The person who inititated these comments that reached me also said they liked the kid from California a lot.(I assume that is Baskauskas)
I hope this is accurate-The person who told me about these players did not actually see any of them play. It's just that i figured this was better than no news even if it is incomplete and turns out ot be wrong.