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I agree...Millsaps had to punt for the first time on the afternoon.

Joseph appears to be fine and will start 2nd half.  
Final Score from Jackson:  Millsaps 41  Austin College 7.

Millsaps is rolling this afternoon in Jackson.  The Majors lead Austin College 31-0 at halftime.  The Millsaps' offense has played very well, while the Majors' defense caused a couple of turnovers that have resulted in points for the home team. 

Austin College has not been able to move the football.

Major Rev....I think that TE4SAPS80 meant that it was the first time that Millsaps has won the Riverside Rumble.  This was the 4th time the two teams have played.

I tried to watch the buffering broadcast before it got too annoying.  Looked like the Majors were able to make appropriate adjustments when necessary to get a win.  This should help them later in the year in conference play. 
In a post game interview, Coach DuBose commented that he was "extremely proud" of his football team.  However, he did go on to say that his defense didn't play much for keeping Miss. College out of the endzone all night.    :)

Millsaps defeats Miss. Colege 42-6 in a dominating performance tonight in Jackson.

Great way to start the season for the Majors!
Through the first half:

Millsaps' QB Juan Joseph is 15-18 for 225 yards and 3 TDs.  His first three passes of the evening were incomplete.   On the ground the Majors have rushed for 68 yards. 

Miss. College has 34 yards on the ground and 119 through the air.
Millsaps is in COMPLETE control tonight.  The Majors lead Miss. College 28-3 at halftime. 
Depauw over Austin in 3
Millsaps over Rhodes  in 2
Southwestern over Centre in 2
Trinity over Oglethorpe in 2
Absolutely....congratulations to Millsaps and the SCAC on a fine season!  Another special thanks to Pat, et al, for broadcasting the sectionals.  Best of luck to Wash U next weekend in Salem. 
A fast, back and forth game between Millsaps and St. Mary's (MD) tonight.....The Majors used a strong performance from Edrick Montogomery and excellent free-throw shooting down the stretch to seal the 82-73 win.  With the win, Millsaps advances to the round of 8 for the first time in school history and becomes just the 3rd SCAC team to advance to the round of 8.

The Millsaps/Maryville game did have media, and there were no media timeouts to my knowledge.  Based on what I gathered from your initial post, I believe the decision must have been made to not utilize media timeouts for the first day only.    

At any rate, most D-III teams don't utilize media timeouts during the regular season, and Fontbonne and UMHB were playing the same game yesterday with no media there was no arguable disadvantage in my opinion.

Glad Fontbonne enjoyed their time in Jackson!

As I understand it, the decision of whether to utilize media timeouts is made by the regional tournament director.   Because of the double-header yesterday, media timeouts may not have been used so that the games could be played in a reasonable time frame and so that the second game could start as close to on time as possible. 

Today's game would have had no good reason not to utilize the media timeouts particularly when both teams were broadcasting the game.
A thrilling win for the Majors tonight!  One lead change in the entire game.  That came when Chad Songy connected on a three-pointer with 2.3 seconds left that helped Millsaps take a 1 point lead.  The Majors heading to the Sweet 16!  Congratulations to Millsaps!

On another note....hats off to UMHB on a fine season and to our fellow SCAC school, Centre, for a season well played.