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Pushes the 3-point line to 22 feet, 1¾ inches from the current 20 feet, 9 inches.   D3 teams made 5.7 of 19.3 from beyond the shorter arc - 29.5% - in the season past.   More at


Will be the first Division III school in South Carolina if they complete the provisional process, will be seeking a conference afilliation.  ~2400 undergraduates.

M/W basketball, golf, soccer, T&F, XC
M baseball
W volleyball

Pine Manor College, a D3 independent, becomes the first school in the division to fall as a result of COVID (and longstanding other) issues.  The school was down to about 300 students prior to this announcement.


Division III will receive 3.18% of actual revenues, currently projected to be $10.7 million for the division, which is a $22 million decrease from last year. These amounts will be used to fund national programs.

Get ready for smaller tournaments, longer bus rides, stays at camping grounds, or all of the above.


"The NCAA’s Council Coordination Committee has agreed to grant relief for the use of a season of competition for student-athletes who have participated in spring sports.

Committee will also discuss issues for winter sport student-athletes."

General Division III issues / D3 Proposals at the 2020 NCAA Convention
« on: January 25, 2020, 01:43:11 pm »
There are a boatload of proposals being adopted (for the most part) at this weekend's NCAA convention.   These are paraphrased; the complete proposals can be seen on NCAA D3 twitter.

2020-1:  Active members/conferences shall designate an athletics diversity and inclusion designee.   ADOPTED
2020-2:  Changes to provisional process for non-NCAA members; reduces from four to three years; a provisional members that cannot gain full membership in that time can apply for a one-time repeat of a year.   ADOPTED
2020-3:  Same as 2020-2 for NCAA members.  ADOPTED
2020-4: Members may provide snacks and "permissible nutrional supplements" to student-athletes as a benefit.  ADOPTED  #nomnom
2020-5A:  Members may provide practice expenses for golf during an official vacation period regardless of location.   ADOPTED
2020-5B:  Same as 5A for swimming/diving.  ADOPTED
2020-6:  Allows student-athletes serving in a leadership capacity to voluntarily participate in leadership programming (with many exclusions to keep the focus on leadership rather than having anything to do with the actual team sport).   ADOPTED
2020-7:  Add equestrian as an emerging sport for women.  DEFEATED
2020-8:  Add acrobatics and tumbling as an emerging sport for women.   ADOPTED
2020-9:  Add wrestling as an emerging sport for women.  ADOPTED
2020-10:  Teams in year 3/4 of the provisional/reclassifying process count towards the seven members needed to make up a conference, as long as there are four active members.  ADOPTED
2020-11:  Members with D1 sports may apply all D1 legislation, except Bylaw 15 (financial aid), to the D1 sports. ADOPTED
2020-12:  Directs the Softball and Baseball Committees to explore "concerns" with emphasis on championship timing as it relates to said concerns, with implementation no later than Spring 2023.  ADOPTED


tl/dr versions:

Transfer Portal:
the Division III Presidents Council approved a recommendation from the Division III Administrative Committee that the division’s student-athletes be allowed — though not required — to use the portal beginning in the 2019-20 academic year. The Presidents Council is expected to review further details regarding the portal’s use in Division III when it reconvenes this summer.

Division III coaches and administrators now have read-only access to the portal, which includes athletes from only Divisions I and II.

Athletics diversity and inclusion designation

The Presidents Council sponsored a legislative proposal recommended by the Division III Management Council that calls for all member schools and conference offices to add an athletics diversity and inclusion designee. The designation would not necessitate a new hire. It could be a title conferred upon a current staff member — inside or outside the athletics department — who would be charged with serving as the primary contact and conduit for diversity and inclusion-related information

Conference composition legislation

The Presidents Council endorsed a proposal [...] that would permit provisional institutions involved in year three or four of the new member process to count toward the seven institutions needed to form a Division III conference. At least four of those seven members, though, would need to be active Division III colleges or universities.

Non-D3 Graduate Waiver criteria changes:

Graduate students from outside Division III will now meet minimum waiver criteria if they graduate within four consecutive academic years with no breaks in enrollment and have at least one season of eligibility remaining with at least a 3.0 GPA. (Their remaining eligibility will be measured by Division III’s parameters — specifically, a redshirt year at a non-Division III institution would count as a season used.)

It appears that the diversity and composition changes will require a vote at the 2020 convention. 

General Division III issues / D3 Proposals at the 2019 NCAA Convention
« on: January 16, 2019, 04:19:54 pm »
More here:

1.   NCAA Board of Governors (supported by D3 Presidents Council and D3 SAAC)
• Add five independent voting members to the Board of Governors, increasing its size from 20 to 25.
• Define an independent member.
• Limit independent members to no more than two three-year terms.
• The Board of Governors would solicit nominations to fill vacancies and would serve as the final authority for the selection of independent members.

2019-2: Establish new football start date (supported by D3 SAAC)
• Establish first permissible practice date 23 days before an institution’s first contest.
• Prohibit physical athletically related activity one day each week of the preseason after five-day acclimatization period.

2019-2-1: Establish new football start date (amendment relevant to Thursday contests) (supported by D3 SAAC)
• Establish that the first permissible practice date for an institution that conducts its first contest on the Thursday of the opening weekend is 23 days before the following Friday.

2019-3: Establish three-day acclimatization period in field hockey and soccer (OPPOSED by D3 Presidents Council, Management Council, SAAC)
• Add three additional days to preseason practice period.
• Require first three days of the preseason practice period to be used for acclimatization.
• On every preseason practice day after acclimatization, limit teams to two practices (of no more than six combined hours, with at least three hours of rest between practices).

2019-4: Mandatory student-athlete graduation rate reporting (supported by D3 SAAC)
• Require institutions to submit annual student-athlete graduation rate data.

2019-5: Permit pre-enrollment educational expenses (supported by D3 SAAC)
• Permit prospective student-athletes to receive educational expenses before college from any individual or entity other than an agent, professional sports team or representative of an institution’s athletics interests.
• Those funds must have been dispersed directly through the recipient’s educational institution (e.g., high school or prep school).

2019-6: Expand exemption regarding experiential learning requirement (supported by D3 SAAC)
• Apply exception to the full-time enrollment requirement for student-athletes in their final term who are carrying all courses needed to complete their degree, but have a pending experiential learning requirement (e.g., internship for course credit).

2019-7: Deregulate social media restrictions (supported by D3 SAAC)
• Permit athletics department staff to connect with (e.g., friend, follow) prospective student-athletes via social media.
• Permit athletics department staff to take actions that indicate approval (e.g., “like,” “favorite”) regarding content prospective student-athletes produce on social media platforms.

National topics / 20-second clock proposed for Division III baseball
« on: July 24, 2018, 11:12:25 am »

NCAA Baseball Rules Committee proposed adding two visible 20-second play clocks for all Division I baseball games, starting with the 2019 season.

Division II and Division III would be required to have two play clocks by the 2020 season.

Under the proposal, the 20-second play clock would start once the pitcher steps on the dirt portion of the mound with the baseball. If the pitcher does not deliver a pitch, make a pick-off throw to a base or step off the pitcher’s rubber before the clock expires, a ball will be assessed to the count. If the batter is not ready to hit by the time the clock expires, a strike will be added to the count.

Will go into effect if approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel which meets August 15.   Did not realize this was an issue - certainly has not been anything I've noticed when attending games.

Thot this might be of interest to some here.   You wonder if/when more of the few remaining D3/D1 split schools will head down this path.

General Division III issues / D3 Proposals at the 2018 NCAA Convention
« on: January 12, 2018, 12:18:03 pm »
Nine proposals and one amendment proposed; among them
  • 2018-4: Graduate and postbaccalaureate eligibility among students graduating from DIII institutions
    • Permit those who have graduated from Division III institutions and have remaining athletics eligibility to compete at another Division III institution.
    • Students must be seeking a second baccalaureate or graduate degree, and participation must occur in the legislated 10-semester/15-quarter period.

  • 2018-5: Football preseason start date
    • Make first permissible practice date 25 days before first permissible Saturday contest date. · Ensure a day off of physical athletically related activities during the first six days of preseason and a day off of physical athletically related activities during each remaining week of the preseason.
    • On-field activity cannot exceed four hours per day and no practice session can last more than three hours.

  • 2018-6: Alumni contest exemption
    • Add an exemption for one annual alumni contest per sport (except for football).
    • Alumni contest would not count against the two permitted exhibitions, scrimmages or joint practices.

  • 2018-7: First permissible basketball contest date
    • Make Nov. 8 the first permissible contest date in basketball.
    • When Nov. 8 falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday, first game may be held on the preceding Friday.

The basketball start date is currently Nov 15th.  The football section is way too dense for me to figure out net impact without spending way more time than I want to - see the Official Notice if you want to give it a go.

Interesting article:

Focuses on some of the D3 topics we all know and love.   Some partial quotes:

"Among Wesleyan’s peers in the New England Small College Athletic Conference, Colby has announced plans to build a $200 million athletic complex; Williams spent $22 million to renovate its football stadium; Amherst spent $12.5 million on its stadium; and Middlebury has a new $46 million athletic fieldhouse."

"[...]Wesleyan’s quest to recruit better athletes has essentially created a school within a school. Nearly 25 percent of those 3,000 undergrads play varsity sports, and close to 10 percent of each class is admitted through a process that gives preferential treatment to athletes. " (emphasis mine)

"While [Wesleyan President] Roth may look askance at the massive sums rival schools have spent on athletics, he is fully aware that a better football team and a stronger sports culture are good for the university’s bottom line. Wesleyan, which phased out need-blind admissions in 2012 and whose $800 million endowment is less than half that of its rivals Amherst and Williams, feels it needs all the money it can get. Biddiscombe, the former athletic director, says the fundraising response to Wesleyan’s football success has been 'significant.' "

"NESCAC rules allow schools to grant admission to a certain number of athletes who fall below typical academic qualifying standards [...] SAT scores for this group of students tended to be in the 1,100 range on the 1,600 scale compared to around 1,400 for other students."

Wonder how many other conferences (or schools) have similar rules for athletes.    Probably a good number.

More on Colby's new 350,000 sf facility, complete with indoor track and Olympic pool:

General football / Shenandoah, TX 2018-19 NCAA d3fb championships
« on: October 13, 2017, 09:46:42 am »
Whaa?   The NCAA approved a championship before the city actually signed off on it?

Council opted to table the approval of the contracts to host the 2018 and 2019 NCAA Division III football championships.
The city’s estimated expenditure to host the 2018 championship is $254,000, including a cost of $24,500 to reserve the stadium, according to a quote from a prior year. The event would take place in December 2018 and would be funded out of the city’s fiscal year 2018-19 budget.

“It would be a huge undertaking for the city,” said Steffani Konzem, Shenandoah’s Convention and Visitors Bureau Tourism Marketing Specialist.

Council chose to table the approval and will continue to discuss the contract at future meetings.

The council likewise decided to table the approval of the contract for the 2019 championship as well.

Women's soccer / Coach Lance Key steps down at Trinity (TX)
« on: April 26, 2016, 11:06:04 pm »
Nowhere else to put this - Lance Key is stepping down at Trinity (TX) to pursue what AD Bob King calls "a wonderful new venture."   He will be a hard act to follow - will be interesting to see how the search develops.

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