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Chocsrock34 I think MC wins a close one by at least 5.
Well I  think MC macthes up well against a good John Hopkins team.  It will be a big test for Broomfield, Winford, and Evans to try and stop this Nawrocki kid who is averaging 14 pts  and 11rebs a game.  I aslo think that MC needs to dictate the tempo and play their game to have a good chance to win.  Another factor is that John Hopkins last game was Dec. 9 so they might be a little bit rusty so that will be good for MC.  The key players like Gene Hunt and Johnathan Collins must use their quickness to create foul trouble and get others involved.  I think MC wins by at least 10.   Go CHOCS!
The Chocs beat Schreiner 83-69.  Marcus Evans led all players with 15 points.  The Chocs are really playing well right now and I hope they can keep it up.  I cant wait until they go to Cali because this will be a chance to gain a little more respect with 2 wins.  GO CHOCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MC vs Concordia
91 - 70

DJ Jones 21 pts
Chocs rock again!  Looking forward to McMurry thursday.
   75 - 47
Chocs played very well and really shut down a good team.  Broomfield played great with 16 pts 10 rebs.  Coach Jones also found some playing time for Gene Hunt and it payed off.  All of the chocs played well.  Winford hasnt came out of the slump yet but he will be just find.  I knew they would bounce back with a great game beacause of their lost and also the fact that MHB beat them last year.  So that gave them a little motivation coming into this game.  Once again CHOCS ROCK!!!!!!!!
Well tonight the Chocs lost to a good Wesley College team who they beat last year by 30 points.  Although the Chocs played well they just missed too many free throws and had too many turnovers.  It also didnt help that Winford was in foul trouble early and fouled out with only two points.  The Chocs will learn alot from this game and hopefully correct some things and come back with a new attitude.  I also think that the fact that Wesley had already played 9 games was to their advantage a little. 84-82 Welsley College.  Chocs still rule!!!
Mississippi College all the way!
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
November 13, 2006, 01:11:57 AM
I think that the Chocs will get the respect nationally this year by getting further than the Sweet 16 and hopefully winning it all. Mississippi College all the way!
The Chocs scrimmaged Milsaps tonight and won the game.  The guys played pretty good and they look like they are ready for the season.  Broomfield had a good night with about 12 boards and 8 points.  They are going too be very deep on the bench but I just hope Coach Jones keep the guys that are playing good in the game.  Also I hope that WInford lives up to all of the high expectations and come through for the Chocs in the clutch and not just in the regular season.  I think that they will win their division easily.  Chocs Rock!
As a response to the Chocs situation, I think that Coach Jones has been able to really see what the team needs to do when they get to nationals because he has been on the outside looking in.  Dont get me wrong Coach Lofton is a good coach but he always said that coaches are only as good as their players.  I really think that Coach Lofton was kind of scared to take risk and play the into the talent of his team.  Many coaches are so traditional to where as they are not going to change the way that they have been doing things especially if they are winning.  At this point it is no question that the Chocs aren't winning.  It's just that now the focus is on winning a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and not just being content with winning conference every year.  So hopefully Coach Jones will come in and change the system that he originally started and get the job done.  Let's Go Chocs!
Thats great that MC is #1 in the region.  I just hope they dont do the Chocs like they did them last year.  They had to travel to Tennessee and Michigan even though they were #1 seed.  I just hope they play at home at least once or twice for the national tournament.  GO CHOCS!
As requested

East POY: C. Isom
West POY: Hooper
East Champs: MC (of course)
West Champs: MHB
Tourn. Champs: MC

Oh yeah new comer of the year is Timothy Broomfield (MC)
I can't wait until MC plays Fisk.  I think this will be a good match for them.  MC still wins by 10 at least. GO CHOCS!
The Chocs played an outstanding game tonight and they are back in business!  GO CHOCS!
Everyone knows that the UT Dallas@ MC game last year was a fluke. UT Dallas wasn't half as good as MC, UT Dallas knows that also. MC deserves their ranking and they are going to show you and everyone in the nation that this program is one of the best in the country. They didn't lose anyone but the point guard, and they always recruit well. Before the season last year they were picked to win it all and they had lost majority of their players, so that should tell you something. MC is going to bring the noise this year just wait and see!