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General football / DIII Bowl Games
July 18, 2022, 06:32:51 PM
There has been a game added in Wisconsin for the highest ranked, non-playoff teams from the NACC and MWC.  With the addition of more conferences playing football and getting auto bids, is there a market for non-playoff DIII teams?  I'd like to think so, there are a lot of good teams left out of the 32 team field with so many auto bids out there.  Give these guys an opportunity to end their season with a bang, celebration and award for winning 8-9 games. 

What are the conference matchups you'd liked to see and what venues would you like to see used?
My son is a freshman at Birmingham Southern, I was trying to find info on a booster club and have come up empty.  Do any of your schools have booster clubs or another form of a fund raising arm lead by someone other then the school???