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Ahhh...Division III football season is back.  Life is good.  Great time at Stone Station this weekend (as usual) and an entertaining BC win. 
E&H 7
BC 3
10:40 left in the 2nd
#3  I'm not surprised that the winner if the Guilford/Averett game scored a lot, but I didn't expect Averett to be the one to put up 54. 

Averett 54
Guilford 34
#4 about CNU over Mary Hardin Baylor 15-10. 
Come on Hasanova, give us something harder.  That took about ten seconds.

Merry Christmas to you too.
Good point, Casper.  And the clock incident wouldn't have been an issue if the refs had correctly given Cruz the TD on 4th down. 

It was a wash, and evened out.  Thanks for helping put the clock issue finally to rest.


Jury's still out on whether or not I'll be able to make the Stagg, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Would be nice to meet the D3 posters I've yet to meet in person.
I LOVE how Rowan keeps bring up the clock.  Cheating requires an intention to deceive.  Unless the clock operator intended it, it was a mistake.  He and God are the only two who will ever know about that.  Now, nobody will disagree that on THAT play..that ONE play of however many in the game were run, Rowan got screwed.  They didn't get screwed on the next play...the one that actually won the game.  As Mom and Llama have said, BC surely got screwed on Cruz's TD that wasn't given to him.  Why don't the Rowan fans complain about that?  Oh yeah...because their single-mindedness and  tunnel vision prohibit it.    There were 122 offensive plays that game, not one.
If you don't think God has a sense of humor, just look at the platypus. 

You pacifist Quakers take the fun out of everything!  :-)
Actually kid, I did think about it.  They COULD be considered linemen, but the whole purpose of the line is to block, and receivers are notoriously bad at that.  When I couple that with the fact that receivers can line up either on the line (flanker) or in the backfield (slot or wing), I would place them either with the backs or in their own category of ..... perhaps......oh, I don't know......receiver?   Besides, why would you put the smallest, most athletic guys in the field in the same category as the fatties?  It's just not a fair comparison. 

Llama....that old man rocked.  Best bookie I ever had.
Hey, I was only the back up for the first week of practice.  Then I became a first string bench warmer.
Hasanova's speaking for himself, Kid.  I'm laughing AT you.  Just don't climb the bell tower with a high-powered sniper rifle.

Llama...if a fullback throws a pass, it's called an interception.
Gotcha Kid.  So who was the Tackle of the year?  Guard?  Center? I mean...they can't all be "linemen", right?
Odd...if not a "back", in what category would you put the quarterBACK? 

Perhaps a new category...JD Ricca wins the DII/DIII 'Thrower of the Year' award.