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Started by diiih00ps, January 25, 2005, 12:37:34 AM

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Where are the posters here?  I just noticed that there is guaranteed to be at least one tie among the top four teams in the LEC, including a possible three-way tie for second or a tie for first AND a tie for third.  This is going to be one exciting weekend.

Does anyone know the tiebreakers for the LEC, thay aren't on the conference website.


This saturday's game between Plymouth St. and Western Conn. is huge.  I'm not sure of the exact scenarios, but I do know that if Western wins they will be in sole possession of first place in the LEC conference because they would have beaten Plymouth St. twice and Rhode Island once.  Even if Rhode Island was to win (finishing the reg. season at 10-4), and Western was to win (also finishing the season at 10-4), Western would take first place on the fact that they had beaten Plymouth twice, whereas Rhode Island has only beaten them once.  If Plymouth wins then I'm not sure...too much to think about, I'm starting to get a headache.

Hoops Fan

I'm pretty sure Keene is going to win anyway.  But if Plymouth and RIC both win, the tiebreaker comes down to the outcome of the Mass-Dartmouth-Southern Maine game.  If Dartmouth wins the game, Plymouth wins the LEC, if S Maine wins the game, RIC wins the LEC, but both have to win tomorrow first.

If Keene and WConn win, then WConn wins the LEC, but there is a three-way tie for 2nd.  In that scenario I have no idea what happens.  Plymouth beat Keene twice and RIC once, RIC beat each team once.  There is no real fair way to break that, so it would go to top-to-bottom comparison, which again leaves us at the Dartmouth-SMaine game again.  A Dartmouth win would make it 2. Plymouth, 3. Keene and 4. RIC, but a SMaine win would make it 2. Keene, 3. RIC, 4. Plymouth.

The only way RIC can win the LEC is if they win AND S Maine wins
WConn wins the LEC with a win.
Plymouth wins with a win AND a RIC loss or with a win and a Dartmouth win
Keene can only hopw for second place with a win AND a WConn win AND a S Maine win

I bet no one expected the Dartmouth-S Maine game to have so many potential implications.


WConn LEC regular season champions

New England BBALL

co-champs there buddy, RIC was 10-4 as well

Hoops Fan

WCONN wins the tiebreaker.  As much as I hate to admit it, they are the champs.

Plymouth really let me down this weekend.


Wconn easily over pesky Eastern Ct..    Big upset - umass Dartmouth over Keene St..

Sets up final four western vs Dartmouth and RI vs Plymouth...
Look for an exciting weekend!!!


Last time i checked someone did mention that Plymouth is a better team than WCSU (Hoops Fan).....well go job on WCSU's part to showing them that they are the best in the LEC by beating Plymouth twice in the regular season and once more in the LEC finals


"I think Plymouth has got to be the top team in the LEC. WConn has put up a good record and all, with some very impressive wins, but until they beat Plymouth soundly in the tournament, they'll still be #2 in my book."  -  Hoops Fan

WConn #1 in your book yet?

135-130 (2OT)  WConn over Plymouth LEC Finals

Anthony Migliore

Today I'm proud to say I was at the game that I saw Nick Pelotte from Plymouth St. put up 62 points and 13 assists all in an unselfish way.

Greg Cole and Jay Reginatto are the real deal!!!!!!!

Also, the game was lost for Western and they showed me that they will be a Team that will go deep into the NCAAs. Elite-8 or More. Cograts to the TEAM win and the never quit attitude.
Western just stole the game from Plymouth. Hats off to both Teams for the most exciting game I ever saw!!!!!!

Brice Assie and Nick Pelotte should co-players of the year.

Coach Bob Campbell is the most underrated coaches in the nation!!!!

New England BBALL

62 points is impressive...unfortunately it looks like PSU might miss out on the big dance of D3 but what a stellar career for the young man from small town Maine....Congrats Nick Pelotte

kristen roman

I was at the game yesterday...what a phenomenol game!  Both teams were so impressive!!!  And Nick couldn't miss.  Some questionable fouls were called (one in particular being the offensive foul that took Assie out of the game) but the players on either team didn't let those calls stop them from playing great ball.

I definately agree Nick and Brice should be co-players of the year.  Nick's offensive prowess and Brice's defense along with a great scoring average...they are both top notch players!  They were so great to watch over the last four years...they will be missed!


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New England BBALL

I know its early but i'll see if i can get some chatter started on this board (its been dead for like 2 years)

just heard about Keene State's Recruiting class...uh oh, it looks like they're gonna be poised to make a run at a national championship this year.  With the returning cast they have (Sullivan, Sontag, Maynard, etc.) and the level of newcomers they have, they will be a very dangerous team.  to share the info regarding the recruits....there are 4 new comers, 3 incoming freshmen and a transfer, of the 3 frosh theres a 6'5" wing forward, a 6'6" power forward, and a 6'7" Center, apparently they arent just tall but they have talent too.  The 6'5" wing forward is Tyler Kathan, a recent first team all state, and 3 time all conference player, coach colbert says he is the most ready to come in and play.  
Nate Anderson is the 6'6" power forward from Westminster, MA.  Apparently he got some looks from DII schools but some academic setbacks scared them away, he opted to go to Keene as opposed to a year of prep and holding out for a higher division offer.  Anderson averaged 21ppg his senior season and scored over 1200 points in his career.  
The incoming 6'7" center Eric Malkowski is from Rhode Island, hes the least polished of the newbies, being 6'7" he is still growing into himself, but he already has an impressive basketball resume which includes first team all state honors his senior season when he averaged 18.2 points and 10.1 rebounds.

Now the most interesting recruit for Keene has got to be without question the transfer from hesser college, Stanley Chamberlain, last year he was a JUCO ALL-AMERICAN, yea thats right ALL-AMERICAN, apperntly this guy can flat out play, and keene was VERY fortunate to land him, he was 3rd in the COUNTRY in scoring last year (936 points) 6'2" wing player that will surely give Keene a new look