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Started by onearmedscot, July 15, 2005, 12:26:15 PM

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Willy Wonka

Why would a recent alum want to take over the reins there? They, more than anyone else, would be disillusioned with the administration. However, I think they will have to settle on a young, inexperienced coach who is willing to put in crazy work to get that program up off the canvas.

I hope Irvessa is/are happy with how their reign of terror turned out -- no one else is.


Feezell, the incoming AD, assumes his new responsibilities sometime in mid-August.  If the administration elects to do nothing about the situation until then, I fear it might be too late to hang on to all the new incoming players.


Maybe Irv will bring in a prize to solve all the problems for women's basketball...I mean the Berlin Wall did come down...
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Willy Wonka

OAS - Ya know...these boards are filled with D3 junkies and at least three of them happen to be writing for newspapers. You could throw us a scoop every now and again. It's not like he gave you credit for it or anything http://discus.d3hoops.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

kris kringle

Peachbasket - your comments regarding MYK at HU seem surprisingly pointed and personal to me. It is as though you have a personal vendetta against the coach at Hamline. Being relatively new to using and reading message boards I guess I am somewhat naive to the process. I mean, I knew that these were places that one could anonymously attack persons and reputations without fear of repurcussion, but it seems to me from reading your previous posts that you and perhaps WW have some serious issues with either Hamline basketball or their coach. It makes me question your motivation for posting in such a manner - are you going after the coach or the program? Is this a team that you fear or a person you don't like? I don't see other coaches getting discussed in the same manner. Unless you are on the staff or have a direct tie to the staff how would you know what you know? Interesting. Irresponsible and viscous, but interesting. OAS - thank you for your response and the correction. This MIAC basketball is interesting. I'll continue to check in to see what else is happening and if anyone else will be slammed in cyberspace.


Ah, Christmas has come early to d3hoops!  Happy Holidays your Jolly-ness!
The comments, in my July 15th post, were a follow-up from a number of accusations made over the past few months, (spurred-on by our not-so-suave friend, Jack Scott, who posted an e-mail about the Hamline coaches questionable tactics, blah, blah, blah.)
She is certainly not the first coach to get lambasted on this sight, (i.e. Terrible Tammy, Dornish the loser or Mike who has the refs in his back pocket,) nor will she be the last.
Here's something to consider, St. Nick, coach's who are successful, will get pounded here, so will people who aren't liked, as will coach's who operated in the grey zone.
Good players will be discussed and who's going to win the conference and represent the MIAC in the NCAA's.
This is what those of us who dream of wanting to be a part of something do, and thankfully, we have a place to do it, right here.
I have been a good boy, REALLY, and on your special day, I'd like to ask for just one thing...one more year of eligibility for my girl Mandy!!!  (It may be our only chance!)
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Willy Wonka

KK - If writers were less than kind to Larry Eustachy or Rick Neuheisel after their debacles would that mean they have "serious issues" with those coaches or their programs? If I questioned off-season moves by the Twins/Vikes/Wolves does that mean I am not a fan or, worse, was a fair weather fan? I would answer with an emphatic no. No one wants to see the MIAC spoiled by bad administrations (see the MAC protest shirts) or by illegal activity (allegedly surrounding HU).

This board is silly at times, but no one truly has any insider information, except for Jack Scott's mysterious email. I have nothing against Hamline, Mandy or Y-K.

The whole situation smacks of what was going on last year in SEC football between Tennessee and Alabama. Fullmer was right, but went about it the wrong way and was fined 100K; Alabama got far worse. I hope this isn't headed in the same direction.

east coast miac fan

The reason that everyone questions MYK at Hamline, is because there are reasons to question her.  She's been involved with other regimes that have run into trouble with recruiting, and they may have rubbed off on her.  Every coach is aware of what's going on at Hamline.  They are just waiting for her to step out of a gray area.  Besides, has anything she's done helped Hamline yet?  You can have great players, but you still have to be able to coach them.  That wasn't the case last year.

east coast miac fan

Where has everyone gone on this page.  I've been waiting days for someone to get back on here so we can discuss something.  School is about to start again, and with that means college football, and basketball right around the corner.
Go Hawks!!

Gold and Black

OAS or anyone else...whats going on with the coaching situation at Macalester? We've only got about two months until the start of the season...is there any urgency?


East Coast,

Gimme a day or two to ponder things and I'll come up with something.  However, you do have one thing right and I don't need any time to mull over this - GO HAWKS!!!!!  My alma mater!

OAS - Kind of curious about what's going on over on the south side of Snelling myself.....You would think with Feezell coming into the position on Monday they would at least have some candidates lined up.
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Collegeville Magic

Hmmmm... I'm a little curious about the new system Let's see what happens here. ???


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Gotta see how this new system works for myself...... :P :o :-\
"Beating 'SC is not a matter of life or death.  It's more important than that."  Former UCLA Head Football Coach Red Sanders


A new school year and a new format for posting up...I could not resist a test even though I refrain from too many posts in the off-season.  I hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing summer before the MIAC wars starting in November.  For now, I'll wish everyone well because I'm sure we'll all be hurling some grenades at each other in a few months... :)