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Started by RedmenFB44, January 05, 2006, 12:14:15 PM

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Here is the hyper link for the CCIW Conference:

Hyper links to CCIW teams:




Illinois Wesleyan:


North Central:

North Park:


I didnt see a CCIW board so here it is. I saw IWU was ranked, congrats. I hope Carthage can get up there like they have been in the past.


It will be an interewsting CCIW race this season. IWU looks to be loaded again. Carthage will be there in the end, they always are.

It will be interesting to see what Carthage puts on the field this season as this is the first season since they let their long-time assistant/recruiter, Brian Mosher, go. Augie Schmidt is a quality coach, but it always helps when you start with quality players.

North Park has a new coach who did not have the benefit of a full season of recruiting and is coming off a 1-39 season. Expect them to weigh down the conference for at least one more season.

Any other insights into the conference?

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Quote from: ScrappyMcTavish on January 06, 2006, 07:19:04 PMNorth Park has a new coach who did not have the benefit of a full season of recruiting and is coming off a 1-39 season. Expect them to weigh down the conference for at least one more season.

People at NPU are really high on new coach Luke Johnson, a former Elmhurst and North Central assistant who was a star for Elmhurst during his playing days. But, yeah, it's going to take him awhile to make the program competitive again.
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Luke Johnson will do great things for that program, but I agree that it is going to take awhile to get things on the right track.

Anybody have any pre-season predictions for the conference?

Here is how I see it:
1. IWU
2. Carthage
3. Elmhurst
4. Augustana
5. NCC
6. Millikin
7. Wheaton
8. North Park


Here are my predictions:

1) IWU
2) Carthage
3) Elmhurst
4) NCC
5) Augustana
6) Millikin
7) North Park
8) Wheaton

I hope that the new NP coach can get them some win right away and get them out of the bottom of the conference!


Anybody in the CCIW have a great year recruiting?

Who are the players/teams that we will all hear about in May that are not on the radar yet?


Just thought that this was very interesting, 1982 amature MLB draft:

#   Selected By   Name   Position   College or Hometown
1.   Cubs   Shawon Dunston   SS   Brooklyn, NY
2.   Blue Jays   Augie Schmidt   SS   University of New Orleans (Carthage Coach)
3.   Padres   Jimmy Jones   RHP   Dallas, TX
4.   Twins   Bryan Oelkers   LHP   Wichita State University
5.   Mets   Dwight Gooden   RHP   Tampa, FL
6.   Mariners   Spike Owen   SS   University of Texas
7.   Pirates   Sam Khalifa   SS   Tucson, AZ
8.   Angels   Bob Kipper   LHP   Aurora, IL
9.   Braves   Duane Ward   RHP   Farmington, NM
10.   Royals   John Morris   OF   Seton Hall University
11.   Giants   Steve Stanicek   1B   University of Nebraksa
12.   Indians   Mark Snyder   RHP   Knoxville, TN
13.   Phillies   John Russell   C-OF   University of Oklahoma
14.   White Sox   Ron Karkovice   C   Orlando, FL
15.   Astros   Steve Swain   OF   El Cajon, CA
16.   Red Sox   Sam Horn   1B   San Diego, CA
17.   Cubs   Tony Woods   SS   Whittier College
18.   Red Sox   Rob Parkins   RHP   Cerritos, CA
19.   Dodgers   Franklin Stubbs   1B   Virginia Tech
20.   Tigers   Rich Monteleone   RHP   Tampa, FL
21.   Cardinals   Todd Worrell   RHP   Biola College
22.   Reds   Scott Jones   LHP   Hinsdale, IL
23.   Reds   Bill Hawley   RHP   West Columbia, SC
24.   Orioles   Joe Kucharski   RHP   University of South Carolina
25.   Brewers   Dale Sveum   SS   Pinole, CA
26.   Red Sox   Jeff Ledbetter   1B-OF   Florida State University



Augie Schmidt was also the Golden Spikes (National POY) winner in 1982...pretty good player, and a pretty good coach too.


Quote from: augie_superfan on January 09, 2006, 05:56:30 PM
Augie Schmidt was also the Golden Spikes (National POY) winner in 1982...pretty good player, and a pretty good coach too.

He was stuck for years in Triple A while Tony Fernandez played SS for the Bluejays.


Augie was traded to the Giants. He wasn't always stuck in the Blue Jays organization.

Now this is a chat board!!!!!!
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I just noticed your tag line at the bottom(It's Redmen, not Red Men). I love it. As a former REDMAN my self(Actually played for Augie Schmidt), I was somewhat upset by the change, but understood why it had to happen.



Thanks, I am also a former Redmen (only 1 year removed). I played football but I supported the Carthage baseball team. I have many friends that were or still are on the team. Baseball is my number 2 love behind football. I love the stats in baseball. So many to look at and compare. I played baseball from when I was 6 until my sophmore year in high school, tryouts. I tore my shoulder up during the tryouts. So then I put my abilities into football. I love the game and I am really looking forward to watch Augie and his crew this year.

P.S. The left field area is the best place to watch games @ Carthage  ;)


When I played, the DONS and SIGS would throw tailgate parties just behind the fence in left-center... I am sure that they still do. Our dads always seemed to wander out that way between games to have a few beers with the college guys and scope out the young ladies. Probably not much different than today.


Which CCIW baseball team will win the conference title in 2006?


Yeah, that was the worst part of playing a weekend series at Carthage.  We'd have to sit there in cold, windy Kenosha while usually losing and also having to watch the students in LF have a good time and use the "liquid warmth" method to stay warm.