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Started by Andrew Wagner, July 27, 2005, 03:52:04 PM

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Heywood Jabuzzoff


You make some very interesting and bold points, and I think it makes sense. However, I think the point of the article isn't so much that Schumacher is a bad choice... just that given the candidates, not the best choice.

That is a pretty arbitrary statement, because there is no way to factually back it up.  Apparently, the powers that be at 'Skosh thought she was the best candidate, and they have the most information.  So... lets hang on for the ride and give Terri some support!


After an exhaustive national search, bucking the gender trend and just in the nick of time UW-Superior announces they have hired Superior Senior High School basketball coach, Craig Morrissey, as the interim head women's basketball coach.  

That makes both the men and women's head coaches interim hires.  No offense intended but you have wonder why people take jobs in which it appears they have no administrative support.  Do the powers to be give two hoots about what happens with their athletic programs at Superior?  

If this was the hockey program would they treat it this way?

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Is it the s or the c that is silent in scent?

Titan 2000

Isn't UW Superior itself interim?  I think it gets shut down in a year or two.

Mr. Downtown

You know what, I wouldn't pass on that idea Titan 2000. I'm sure that'll give the state government even more reason to cut funding towards the state's education.

Titan 2000


It's been discussed for years, its in the public record.  There is capacity in the state and not many people want to access it in Siberia, oops I mena Superior.

Pat Coleman

I remember reading over the summer there was a proposal to combine, at least in part, UW-Superior and UM-Duluth. Not sure how serious that is, and I know that it was only someone's idea.

Voice of the Titans

If that were to happen, it would be the ultimate UW-Canada team, taking over the title from Stout.


Discussion of closing UW-Superior has been going on for years--30 or more. It wouldn't make sense to close it and leave clusters of schools in other parts of the state--it would be easier to absorb a River Falls into Stout and Eau Claire and LaCrosse, for example. Now, if they suggest getting rid of the 'external' chancellor--who only shows up to glad hand at university functions and is otherwise suspiciously absent--the state would be solving MANY problems in one fell swoop, budget not being the least of them. Another rumor that makes more sense, however, is for UW-S to drop out of the WIAC and join the conference that includes St Scholastica, Northland College and the other smaller colleges and university for athletics. I suppose that would make all you flatlanders pretty happy. I just heard Menomonie as being in the far north of Wisconsin. That leaves about a third of the state in what?

Voice of the Titans


Do they get paid better there? Heck, they get paid better in Minnesota...Wisconsin could solve a lot of budget woes by signing over UW-W and UW-P to Illinois and Iowa, respectively; UW-RF, UW-Stout, UW-Superior, UW-LAX and UW-EC to Minnesota; if they only had to fund Stevens Point and Oshkosh, they (State of Wisconsin) could claim one of smallest university systems in the country and wash their hands of some big expenses. And revenues.

The thing about Superior intermin coaches, as I see it, is that it might take the women's coach--formerly an assistant high school coach--a little time to adjust to the speed and physical nature of the game. Superior was finally getting numbers on its women's team, and now this. If this were intentional mismanagement it couldn't have been managed better.

BlueDevil Bob

I have been following this discussion between you two and I must say you guys are making me laugh out loud. http://discus.d3hoops.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0> Let's see now..You guys have it at UW-Canada, UW-Minnesota, UW-Iowa and UW-Illinois. Leaving Point and Oshkosh to play each other every time. I guess that makes the scheduling easy!

Mr. Downtown

Hey, we in Oshkosh want to be Wisconsin State, so us students can stop paying up the butt in tution hikes thanks to UW-Madison!


You (in Oshkosh) just might be close enough to form some kind of long-distance tie with Michigan. If the University of Phoenix can be all over the world, Michigan could jump the lake and sink it's wolverine toes in the southeast corner of Wisconsin. Take that Bucky--or in the case of (neanderthal language) women's sports--Buckettes. I'm afraid UW-SP will have to stick it out by themselves, but then they've long thought they were in a class by themselves, anyway.  

Watch what you say about UW-Madison; it's probably the only school in the system that actually turns a profit. It does huge business in grants and corporate sponsorships. Wringing the life out of students through tuition hikes is just for fun.

Titan 2000

I cannot comment on UW Stevens Point or Mr. Coleman will be upset.

Mr. Downtown

lol, you are probably right foulanguage, you are probably right http://discus.d3hoops.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>