D3 Players in Summer Leagues

Started by KSCfan, June 06, 2011, 10:35:41 AM

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The recruiting Coordinator for UT-Dallas was an assistant coach in Cotuit, a couple of years ago. He had just finished up an assistant coach stint at Denison. So the Kettleers at least trust D3 assistants.


Understand Sam Dexter of Southern Maine heads for summer play in Cape Cod. A junior hitting .460 with 80 hits, eight home runs in over 40 games (31 wins) this season. Terrific shortstop as well  as recently documented by veteran coach Ed Flaherty (father of Orioles' Ryan F) following a play:
"Sam is the best player in the nation," said Flaherty. "Most shortstops don't make that catch, let alone turn it." Richards said he was told to throw to second. "By the book you'd go home," said Richards. "But (Flaherty) said, 'Get the ball in Dexter's hands.' Nothing bad happens when the ball is in Dexter's hands.