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Here are the baseball web pages for all of the NCAC schools, preceded by the NCAC site itself:

NCAC Baseball: http://www.northcoast.org/ba/ba.html

Eastern Division

Allegheny: http://www.allegheny.edu/athletics/baseball/index.php

Hiram: http://www.hiram.edu/athletics/menssports/baseball.html

Kenyon: http://athletics.kenyon.edu/x501.xml

Oberlin: http://www.oberlin.edu/athletic/varsity/baseball/Default.html

Wooster: http://athletics.wooster.edu/base/default.php

Western Division

Denison: http://www.denison.edu/athletics/ba_stats.html

Earlham: http://www.earlham.edu/~awpe/baseball/index.html

OWU: http://bishops.owu.edu/baseball.html

Wabash: http://www.wabash.edu/sports/baseball

Wittenberg: http://www4.wittenberg.edu/news/athletics/baseball/index.html

Ralph Turner:
Welcome aboard NCAC and woosterbooster!  Thanks for the posting.

This should be fun.  I encourage posting hyperlinks to stories of interest, to posting scores and game summaries, and other things of interest.

This will be a real "low-budget" operation, but most of us know how to use the tools that Pat has provided! :)

Good luck NCAC baseball fans...the "hot-stove" league is in session!

Thanks for getting this set up.  I know I will be checking in on this site once the season starts up. 

Looks like Wooster has just reloaded as usual.  They lose the national POY in Ullman and another AA in Frank and yet they are still the #1 team in the country.  I must say, I was a bit surprised to see that, but they do return their entire picthing staff, and they never seem to be at a shortage of bats in that lineup.  Should be a fun spring to watch.  Does anyone happen to know if Wooster will be getting more home games this season?  I seem to recall that they didn't have too many last season.  I haven't checked out their schedule yet.  Maybe that would help? ::)

I have been looking but I do not see the preseason rankings for baseball.  Could you please post a link?  And by my count Wooster only lost the two All-Americans and the whole left side of infield.  Reload?  Let's hope so.


--- Quote ---I have been looking but I do not see the preseason rankings for baseball.  Could you please post a link?
--- End quote ---
[/i]Woosterfan -

Back out of this this topic and look under "DIII Baseball Polls".  The poll is in there, as is it's source, baseballnews.com



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