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Matt Barnhart (kid):
Official Old Dominion Athletic Conference Website: click here

School2005 Record2005 StatsTeam Page2006 ScheduleBridgewater23-15 (15-3)click hereclick hereclick hereEastern Mennonite13-21 (5-13)click hereclick heren/aEmory & Henry3-30 (0-18)click hereclick hereclick hereGuilford24-17 (12-6)click hereclick hereclick hereHampden-Sydney27-15 (10-8)click hereclick hereclick hereLynchburg27-15 (13-5)click hereclick hereclick hereRandolph-Macon15-22 (6-12)click hereclick hereclick hereRoanoke12-18 (8-10)click hereclick hereclick hereVirginia Wesleyan21-18 (11-7)click hereclick hereclick hereWashington & Lee27-13 (10-8)click hereclick hereclick here

Ralph Turner:
Welcome aboard, kid!  Good to see the ODAC up and running!

I think that this board will be very successful. :)

odac baseball...didn't know there WAS such a thing :)

Lynchburg is going to win the ODAC title this year!  ;)


--- Quote from: narch on December 30, 2005, 04:54:12 pm ---odac baseball...didn't know there WAS such a thing :)

--- End quote ---

Now Narch, couldn't the same thing be said about USA-South Football?  :o


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