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Ralph Turner:
Fellow D-III Baseball Fans,

Integral to understanding the various roads to the Playoffs is knowing the conferences.  The basics of the conferences vary tremendously.

This topic covers the basic data for the conferences in D-III for the 2009 season.

I encourage fans to go to your favorite conference websites and then post the information about the conference on this site.  Consider this an open board.  Cut and paste as needed.  Please proofread and correct as needed. This should help us become more familiar with D-III.  If you do not want to bother with the tabular format, then post the information in the format listed below, and we can put it in later.  Thanks to all who contribute.  As always, corrections and contributions are always appreciated.

Conference| Region |Divisions (Yes/No) |Divisions (e.g.,East/West)| Round Robin (Single/double) |# of Conf/ Division games |Format (e.g., Friday 9 Sat 7/9 DH)| Tourney to determine the AQ (Yes/No)

Pool A Conferences

Conference RegionDivisions (Yes/No) Divisions (East/West)Round Robin (Single/double) # of Conf/Div gamesConf/Div Game FormatTourney (Yes/No)AMCCMideastNoN/ASingle/2 gm18DH's various days 7/7Yes; Top 6ASCWestYesEast/WestSingle/3 gm18/21FR 9; SA 7/9 DHYesCCMid-AtlNoN/ASingle/2 gm18DH 7/9YesCCCNew EnglandNoN/ASingle/2 gm22DH 7/7YesCCIWCentralNoN/ASingle/3 gm21DH = 9/9; Sat DH/Sun single games*YesCSACMid-AtlNoN/ASingle/3 gm15Single 9/ DH 7/7YesGNACNew EnglandNoN/ASingle/2 gm147/7 DH's Sa/SUYes-Top 6HCACMideastNoN/ASingle/3 gm24Single 9/ DH 7/9YesIIACCentralNoN/ASingle/3 gm24Single 9/ DH 7/7YesLECNew EnglandNoN/ASingle/2 gm149/9 DHYesLLNew YorkNoN/ASingle/4 gm24DH/DH 7/7 or 7/9YesMACCMid-AtlNoN/ASingle/3 gm15Single Home Fr/ DH Away SaYesMACFMid-AtlNoN/ASingle/2 gm16VariableYesMIAAMid-EastNoN/ASingle/4 gm28Home DH/ Away DHNoMIACMidwestNoN/ASingle/2 gm20DH; H or AYesMWCCentralYesNorth/SouthSingle/4 gm16/129/9 DH usually Sa/SuYesNESCACNew EnglandYesEast/WestSingle/ 3 gm12Single 9/DH 7/9YesNEWMACNew EnglandNoN/ASingle/2 gm12DH 7/9YesNJACMid-AtlNoN/ASingle/2 gm18DH 9/9YesNACNew EnglandNoN/ASingle/4 gm16DH's 7/7 and 7/7YesNCACMid-eastYesEast/WestSingle/ 4 gm16DH's Sa 7/7 & Su 7/7YesNEACNY,MANoN/ASingle/2 gm12DH 7/7YesNATHCMidwestNoN/ASingle/2 gm22DH's 7/7 various days 9/9YesNWCWestNoN/ASingle/4 gm32Sa DH/Su DHNoOACMid-EastNoN/ASingle/2 gm18DH 7/9YesODACSouthNoN/ASingle/2 gm187/9 DHYes; top 6Pres ACMid-EastNoN/ASingle/3 gm18Single 9/DH 7/7YesSCIACWestNoN/ASingle/3 gm21FR 9 Home; SA 9/9 AwayNoSCACME,S,WYesEast/WestSingle/ Double15*/20See notesYesSKYNew YorkNoN/ASingle/2 gm16DH 9/7YesSLIACCentralNoN/ASingle/Double24Home 9 Away 7/7YesSUNYACNew YorkNoN/ASingle/2 gm12Sa/Su 9/9 DHYesUSACSouthNoNoSingle/2gm129/9YesWIACMidwestNoN/ASingle/4 gm24SaSu DH 9/9 twice or Wed DH 9/9Yes

Notes:  (Legend.  DE =Double Elimination)

AMCC: 10-team conference (Franciscan Steubenville is provisional year2). Tourney format -- May 2nd single (play-in) games; #6 at #3; #5 at #4; #1 & #2 Byes. May 8-9 4-team tourney, DE.

ASC:  East - 7 teams; West - 8 teams.  Friday single 9-inning game;  Saturday 7/9 DH; Division opponents only count towards tourney standings. East teams play 18 division games; West teams play 21.  Top 4 in each division play best 2-of-3 in first round at #1 and #2 in each division. 4 winners hosted at highest East seed in 2009.

CC:  10-team conference. 4-team DE tourney; First day #1 & #2 host. #4 at #1; #3 at #2. Day-2 at #1 seed.  May 1,2,3.

CCC:  12-team conference. 8-team DE tourney over 5 days.  Apr 28,29, May 1,2,3.

CCIW:  10-run rule used in conference games. Tourney is 4-team DE at the #1 seed.  May 7,8,9.  Wheaton does not play games on Sunday.  Make-up games occur in mid-week. (Thanks to mr_b.)

CSAC:  4-Team (?) tourney; #1 & #2 host on May 6th; highest seed hosts on May 8 & 9.  Baptist Bible College did not declare for baseball in the CSAC this season.  (Baptist Bible is competing in NCCAA II East Region.)  There are only 6 teams in the CSAC this year after the departure of Alvernia, Eastern and Misericordia.

GNAC:  8-team conference.  6-Team tourney;  Single elimination play-in for #3-#6 teams in the 1st round.  #1 and #2 get 1st round byes. "Tourney Top 6- #6@#3, #5@#4 4/21. Quarterfinals @ #1 & #2 seed 4/23. Semifinals 4/25 @ St. Joe's College. Finals 4/26 @ St. Joe's College."  (Stump correctly copied the GNAC web site.  sic)  Thanks Stump

HCAC:  9-team conference; 4-team DE tourney May 7-9.

IIAC:  9-team conference; 6-team DE tourney at Cedar Rapids on May 7-9.

LEC:  8-team confernece.  All 8 teams qualify for tourney. Best 2 of 3 in the first weekend, #8 at #1, etc., May 1-2.    4-team DE May 7-8-9.

LL:  7-team conference. 4-team DE tourney. Rochester has dual membership with the UAA.

MACC:  Has 6 teams in 2009. 3-game series each weekend. Single game played at Team A on Fr then DH at Team B on Sat. Alvernia moves to the Commonwealth from the Freedom in 2010. Tourney is 4-team DE, May 1-3 at Albright.

MACF:  Has 9 teams in 2009.  Teams play either DH or single game Home/Away series.  Tourney has single play-in game #5 at #4 on Apr 28, then 4-team DE Apr 30-May 2 at Boyertown.

MIAA:  Eight team conference. Four-game series back-to-back home away DH's.  No tourney

MIAC:  Eleven-team conference.  4-team DE Tourney.  May 7,8,9

MWC:  North Division has 5 teams; South Division has 4; (no Lake Forest); 4-team tourney; Top 2 from each division; DE.  North hosts in 2009.  May 8-9. (Thanks Hickory Cornhusker.)

NESCAC:  10-teams in 2 divisions (no Connecticut College).  Tourney is top 2 each division at West #1, DE.  Tourney is May 8-10 at West highest seed.

NEWMAC:  7-team conference.  Plays 6-team DE tourney.  First 2 rounds at higher seed on Apr 22-23, final 2 days of games at highest seed, Apr 25-26.

NJAC:   10-team conference. Plays 6-team DE.  Apr 28, 30, May 2,3.

NAC:   5-team conference.  4-team DE.  NAC will not have the required 7 schools to qualify for Pool A bid. Therefore, the NAC will affiliate with the NEAC (in multiple sports) in 2010 to preserve access to the AQ, (for both conferences).

NCAC:  4-team tourney, best of three 9-inning between top 2 teams from each division.  Winners play best-of-3 nine inning games the May 8-9.

NEAC:  7-team conference. (PSU-Harrisburg is 2nd-yr provisional; SUNY-Cobleskill is 1st-yr provisional.) Post-season tourney Top 4 double elim.  (Accepts affiliation by the North Atlantic Conference in 2010 to preserve access to the AQ.)

NATHC: 12-team conf. Tournament - Top 4 Qualify, standard DE at Rockford.

NWC:  No additional notes.

OAC:  Tourney top 4 teams DE.

ODAC: 10-team conference (no Randolph College).  Saturday 7/9 DH vs 7 opponents, 2 9's in mid-week vs 2 opponents.  Top 6 of the 10 teams advance to DE tournament. .

Pres AC:  Geneva Provisional yr #2 and St Vincent Provisional yr #3.  Single 9 inning home; 7/7 Away DH. Tourney is 4-team DE.

SCIAC:  Plays Friday game 9 innings at home/away and then Saturday 9/9 DH away/home.  No tourney.

SCAC: * 2nd-year provisional Birmingham-Southern (BSC) games are not "in-region"; East 5 teams plus BSC; West 5 teams, no Colorado College.  East is playing single round-robin 3-games series.  West plays 2/3;H/A  Double Round Robin with a 2-game series at home/away and then a 3-game series away/home on another weekend.   Multi-region conference.  6-team DE tourney.

SKY:  Tourney #3-#6 single game play-in on April 29th, then remaining four DE tourney on May 1-3. (Bard doesn't play baseball.)

SLIAC:  Home 9 away 7/7 DH; Top 4 teams, DE tourney at Highland IL on May 7-9.

SUNYAC: 4-team DE on May 1-3.  (No Buffalo, Geneseo, Potsdam)

USAC:  7-team DE tourney April 16-19, 2009; conference cut back to 12 conference games to improve chances at better, less internecine regional records for conference members.

WIAC:  No UW-EC, no UW-RF.  24 conference games, two 9/9 DH's. Tourney is "DE", double elimination.; Top 4 teams; #3/#4 start in losers' bracket

AMCC   =  Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conf
ASC      =  American Southwest Conf
CC        =  Centennial Conf
CCIW    =  College Conf of Illinois and Wisconsin
CSAC     = Colonial States Ath Conf
MACC    =  Commonwealth Conf
CCC       =  Commonwealth Coast Conf
MACF    =  Freedom Conf
GNAC    =  Great Northeast Ath Conf
HCAC    =  Heartland Collegiate Ath Conf
IIAC     =   Iowa Intercollegiate Ath Conf
LL        =    Liberty League
LEC      =    Little East Conf
MASCAC  = Massachusetts State College Ath Conf
MIAA      =  Michigan Intercollegiate Ath Assn
MWC     =   Midwest Conf
MIAC     =   Minnesota Intercollegiate Ath Conf
NESCAC  = New England Small College Ath Conf
NEWMAC = New England Women’s and Men’s Ath Conf
NJAC       =  New Jersey Ath Conf
NAC        =  North Atlantic Conf
NCAC   =  North Coast Ath Conf
NEAC     = North Eastern Ath Conf
NATHC = Northern Athletics Conf
NWC    = Northwest Conf
OAC    = Ohio Athletic Conf
ODAC  = Old Dominion Ath Conf
PrAC   = President’s Ath Conf
SKY    =  Skyline Conf
SLIAC  = St. Louis Intercollegiate Ath Conf
SCIAC  = Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conf
SCAC   = Southern Collegiate Ath Conf
SUNYAC  =  State University of New York Ath Conf
USAC   = USA South Ath Conf
WIAC   = Wisconsin Intercollegiate Ath Conf

Pool B  Conferences

Conference RegionDivisions (Yes/No) Divisions (East/West)Round Robin (Single/double) # of Conf/Div gamesConf/Div Game FormatTourney (Yes/No)CACSouthNoN/ASingle/ 3gm18Home 9/ Away DH 7/7YesCUNYACNew YorkNoN/ASingle/2 gm10DH 7/7YesE8New YorkNoN/ASingle/4 gm16Sa/Su DH's 7/7 & 7/7NoLANDMA,NY,SNoN/ASingle/3 gm18SA 7/7; SU 9YesGSACSouthNoNoSingle9DH 9/9 +single 9NoNECCNew EnglandNoN/ASingle/2 gm10DH 7/7YesUAANE, NY, S, ME, CNoN/A****UMACMidwestNoN/ASingle/3 gm21Fr DH 7/7 Sa 9Yes
Notes:   (Legend -- DE = double elimination)

CAC:   7-team conference (no Hood or Marymount VA). Plays 6-team DE tourney.  Pool B conference; should earn Pool A status in 2010.

CUNYAC:  6-team conference including Baruch, CCNY, College of Staten island (CSI), John Jay, Lehman and affiliate (4th-yr provisional) Mitchell.  Plays 4-team DE tourney.

E8:    5-team conference including Ithaca, Rochester Inst of Tech (RIT), St John Fisher, Stevens and Utica.
LAND: 7-team conference. Pool B conference for 2008 & 2009; Should get Pool A status in 2010. Multi-region conference, Mid-Atlantic, New York and South Regions.  (Goucher does not play baseball.)  Plays season-ending post-season tourney; top 4 DE tourney at #1 seed.

GSAC:  4-team conference.  Pool B members. No post-season tourney. Piedmont made 2008 NCAA's as a Pool B bid.

NECC:  6-team conference including 4th year provisional Mitchell; has 4-team DE tourney.  (Lesley will add baseball in 2010-11.)

UAA:   * 5-team conference including Brandeis, Emory, CWRU and Wash StL.  Rochester carries dual membership in Liberty League. (Chicago does not compete in UAA).  Conducts 5-team conference tourney in Florida every March.

UMAC:  8-team conference that should earn Pool A status in 2011. 4-team DE post-season tourney.

CAC          = Capital Athletic Conference
CUNYAC    = City University of New York Athetic Conference
E 8           =  Empire 8
GSAC        = Great South Athletic Conference
LAND        = Landmark Conference
NECC      = New England Collegiate Conference
UAA         = University Athletic Association
UMAC      =  Upper Midwest Athletic Conference

Pool B independents
RegionTeamsCentralChicago, Neb WesleyanMid-AtlnoneMideastFinlandiaMidwestnoneNew EnglandUniversity of Maine-Presque IsleNew YorknoneSouthRustWestCal State-East Bay*, Chapman, Dallas, Menlo
Notes:  *Cal State-East Bay moves to D-II in 2009-10.

  Since you've given me so much info in bball, here's info on Landmark(which isn't in your list) from a casual baseball observer:

Conference  Region Divisions (Yes/No)  Divisions (East/West) Round Robin (Single/double)  # of Conf/Div games Conf/Div Game Format Tourney (Yes/No)
Landmark(7,no Goucher)  MA,A(if same as bball) No - Single 18/33? Sa(2H),Su Yes(4 teams)

Just Bill:
WIAC; Midwest Region; No Divisions (7 teams); Single Round Robin; 24 Conf. Games (4-9 inn games. Either DH-Sat & DH-Sun or DH-Wed. & DH-Wed.); Tournament - Top 4 Qualify, double elim., but bottom two seeds start in losers bracket at Highest Seed.

NATHC; Midwest Region; No Divisions (12 teams); Single Round Robin; 22 Conf. Games (2-9 inn games. DH's various days); Tournament - Top 4 Qualify, standard double elim. at Rockford.

Ralph Turner:
Thanks ronk and Just Bill.  +1!  :)

I will add those conferences into the table later.
+1 karma for AG!  Thanks

Conference RegionDivisions (Yes/No) Divisions (East/West)Round Robin (Single/double) # of Conf/Div gamesConf/Div Game FormatTourney (Yes/No)ODACSouthNoNo2 gms187/9 DHYes top 6


ODAC: Saturday 7/9 DH vs 7 opponents, 2 9's in mid-week vs 2 opponents.  Top 6 of the 10 teams advance to tournament
Old Dominion Athletic Conference


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