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Started by admin, August 16, 2005, 05:08:10 AM

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Josh Bowerman

There's a lot of really cool, customizable stuff in the profiles section.  I'd encourage everyone to check it out and take advantage.

Major league upgrade--good stuff, Pat!   :D
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Josh Bowerman

I'm curious as to how the karma points work, however.  I'm thinking that you get +1 for a positive feedback, -1 for a negative.  Doesn't look like you can vote for yourself, anymore.  THAT should be an interesting twist!   ;D
"Without struggle, there is no progress."--Frederick Douglass


Hey Pat, any chance of putting the posts in the opposite order so that the most recent is first?

Ron Boerger

That's one of your profile options.   Click the profile icon at the top of this screen, then "Look and Layout Preferences" on the left side ... then click the checkbox for "Show most recent posts at the top."


ahhh gotchas I figured there might be something like that but had to make sure. Appreciate it.

Ralph Turner

Proud and long time ASC fans, I was in Abilene last week and had the chance to talk with one of the locals who knew the Abilene sports situation.

As you remember, former McM Head Coach Steve Keenum left the coaches job to take the directors job at the Big Country FCA chapter.  The major anuual fundraiser for the FCA is the all-star game in the summer for graduated seniors.  My friend's report was that this year's game was the most successful ever.

Congratulations to Coach Keenum and continued good luck in your post at the Big Country (Abilene Area) FCA.

Bill McCabe

I like the new format, but I'm starting over as junior varsity.  Pat, can you get me updated?  Thanks.


Quote from: etbualum on August 16, 2005, 08:19:20 AM
first, and I guess my username has now changed to my log in....from etbualum to etbufan


I guess Texas Lutheran has no preseason post to date, I do understand that they are suiting up 150 athletes for this coming season. I guess turning their year around helps get the athlete. They also have quite a few new facilities. Looking forward to a good year. Hopefully Trinity will go in the win column this year. I hope I have posted correctly, still getting used to the new format. ??? ???

Josh Bowerman


Ralph has 8 stars!   :o
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Pat Coleman

Such is life in the Hall of Fame. :)

The merger gives Ralph HOF status on both boards now, actually.
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Kelly Boggs

This a test. It is only a test. If it were an actual post you would be free to agree, disagree, add aditional comments or toally ignore the content... 8)

It is at times like this that I wish I were a bit more technologically savvy  ;D.
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Cannot wait like many of you for Football season to start! Thanks Pat for making this change and all of those who were in this change as well...you guys do a great job and I dont think we really tell you that enough. I have frequented the D3 board for quite some time and never really posted much...so I guess I am "fairly new" but like previously said, I cant wait for football season to get underway. Of course I am pulling for those Cowboys...sounds like great things have been going on in camp from the "word on the street"...also wanted to pass along to ya'll another cool thing that a friend of mines girlfiend, who plays soccer at HSU, showed him...Looks like the Cowgirls have stepped it up a notch -- > http://www.hsucowgirls.com Not sure if any of you are interested in the program but maybe some of you Cowboy/Cowgirl fans might want to take a peek.

Anyways in closing...looking for a great season of football and glad to be posting on this board finally.

Ralph Turner

In actual fact, more than half of those posts probably come on in-game updates from radio webcasts of football, basketball and baseball games!

Thank goodness for Kit Kimbrell and Leon Rollins! :)

Ron Boerger

I posted this on the SCAC board as part of some other comments and thought it would be of interest to at least some of you.

For those wondering:  this is my preliminary schedule for game coverage this year:

  • Sep 3  Trinity at Austin College.  ASC-SCAC matchup, and it's only 30 miles from my house.
  • Sep 10  Texas Lutheran at Trinity.  Another ASC-SCAC matchup, and TLU promises to once again be much improved this year.  A good early-season test for both teams.
  • Oct 22  Mary Hardin-Baylor at Hardin-Simmons.  Do I need say anything?
  • Nov 19  Texas first-round playoff game. Usually a safe bet to say there will be one
  • Nov 26  Texas second-round playoff game.  If any

I would like to take in one other ASC contest, and IIRC for the first time in D3football.com history a SCAC tilt not involving Trinity.   In either case, the game would need to be significant in terms of the conference and/or the region.  It ain't easy for me to get anywhere in either conference (except Austin College) and obviously the potential to cover "significant" games there is somewhat limited.   ;D